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How to Make the Most of Your IG, YouTube and TikTok Video Content

Getting started on video for influencers or bloggers? If you're wondering how to make the most out of your video content, here are my top tips to kill it with video content on Instagram, Youtube, and TikTok!

Business and pleasure are mixing like never before. More and more often, social media is becoming a critical part of branding and entertainment. If you’re looking to use video content on social media, Instagram, YouTube and TikTok are great places to start. 

With video content on these platforms, you can creatively enhance your brand, business or influencer status. Video is the present and the future. With these steps, you will have engaging content for your viewers. 

Decide on Your Content and Target

First, content and target can sometimes go hand-in-hand, but it’s important to look at them separately as well. What is your content going to consist of? Will it be humorous or educational? Long-form or short-form? Are you attempting to make a podcast or skits?

These questions can help decide which platform you use. If you’re looking to make short, humorous content, TikTok is the place for you. This app is taking off among 13-30-year-olds and has influenced trends. But even Ady is on TikTok @Veralgoldblog. Tiktok sent Lil Nas X’s song to number one on the Billboard Hot 100. It has surpassed one billion downloads, too, so this app is certainly popular. 

If you’re aiming for longer content, YouTube and Instagram’s IGTV could be right for you. While you can target certain demographics, people of all ages use these platforms. You can make podcasts, educational videos or product reviews, endorsements and much more. 

Instagram stories are also ways to engage viewers, too. These, like TikTok, offer short ways to get people involved. Instagram also provides the option to go live, too. Viewers can watch you in real-time as you engage with them and talk in the chatbox. 

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Make Your Video Content Unique

Personalizing your content is one of the best ways to stand out in the crowd. Look at other people in your field. What are they doing well? What can you improve upon in your own way? Having that extra factor can draw in more people. 

Instagram stories offer many ways to personalize content. You can add special effects or filters, music, quizzes, polls, stickers and more. This can allow you to get to know your viewers and vice versa.

TikTok also allows for the customization of videos. Their effects range from visual edits to music to green screen-like capabilities. The content on this platform is unique and leads individuals to stand out and set trends in humorous ways.

If you’re working on promotional or commercial content, you might want to invest in experts who can help catapult your videos into the spotlight. In some cases, social media managers or even video professionals can make the difference between a stagnant profile and a viral post.

Long-form content, like on YouTube or IGTV can consist of a series, podcasts, stories and more. Many people like to have video content as they work as well as for entertainment. 

Remember, closed-captioning is an accessible option and becoming more popular! Checkout apps like MixCaptions and Captionthis to help with that.

Use the Platform’s Resources 

Each platform is going to have a multitude of resources for you to use. Take YouTube for example. This platform has grown drastically since its release. Users tended to put out shorter content in its beginning. Now, it has grown to offer several services. You can post podcast-length videos, stories, watch movies or TV shows and create shows of your own through YouTube Premium. The company has branched out into music streaming as well. 

Instagram offers data analytics and insights for business accounts. You can track engagement and demographics should you use those features. With its regular posts, IGTV and stories all offering platforms for videos, you can put out different kinds of content through each. 

TikTok is creating a field of its own in terms of trends and demographics. It has opened up a platform for people to connect through humor and trends. Things circulate quickly and people hop on for a few days or a week, then move on to the next trend. Sometimes it’s a song, sometimes it’s a challenge, and sometimes it’s something new entirely. 

Share Content Creatively

Social media makes sharing easy. Videos especially are some of the most frequently shared content among people. If you want to stick to one platform you’re most comfortable with, then that’s what you should do.

But if you’re looking to branch out, you might want to share your content across these platforms. This can take on two methods. 

First, you can share the actual links across social media platforms. That simply requires a few taps of the share buttons. Second, you can record your content in different ways for each platform. For instance, if you create a video on YouTube, you can put a funny, shortened spin on it in TikTok.

The possibilities are endless. With these tools, you can now create high-quality video content like never before.

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