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Hi, my name is Ady. It's so nice to meet you!

Ady is a charismatic personality with a serious love of travel and family. When her passport isn’t in heavy rotation, she can be found at home with her husband and son alongside her two pups in Atlanta.

If you don’t know where to go for your next vacation, Ady is your girl. Luxury beach vacations and private islands close to the US are her specialties.

Gift-giving is her love language so if you need a good gift we got you!

She’s also the #1 Bestselling Author of the children’s book, Her Body Can and His Body Can which you can find on Amazon and in-store at Barnes & Noble.

Her hope is to inspire you to: Be Ambitious. Be Bold. Be Authentic. Be You.  ADY means to Always Do You! Ady has been living out her dreams, through the ups and downs, online with the VGBsquad since 2012 and hopes to inspire you to do the same.

Stay Golden Babe

Verbal Gold Blog

Verbal Gold Blog was created in 2012 after a CrossFit accident immobilized Ady for 2 years. It was a creative outlet while Ady rehabbed her hip and regained her strength while she continued to work in advertising in Corporate America. In 2017 Ady decided to pursue her dreams of being an entrepreneur and became a full-time blogger!

On Verbal Gold Blog you’ll find travel guides and tips, blogging tips, financial advice (look out for Money Monday), all-inclusive fashion, and more. Since starting a family, Ady also shares about making a house a home, behind the scenes with her family + Mom life, too!

We cherish our community, the VGBsquad. Ady’s aim is to inspire women to feel worthy, grow their business(es), live their best life, and above all, always be themselves! We keep it casual here. VGB is here to have fun and be helpful.

When you visit VGB you’ll take away a great outfit, vacation inspo, some amazing advice, one-of-a-kind gift recommendations, and a new friend!

Welcome to the squad!

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Instead of looking to where you can cut back, save, and play it safe, look to how you can expand, grow, and start acting like a badass who’s in control of your own life.

Have a big fancy career AND be a great mom
Be a good person AND make tons of money
Travel the world AND run your own business

As you take the time to imagine your life as the biggest boldest and most authentic expression of the you that is you,
Take inventory of what lights up your heart
Act as if you live in an abundant universe. Which you do.
And have the ability to create whichever financial reality you desire. Which you can.
And by doing this, You’ll be sharing the most magnificent version of yourself with the world. Which you will.

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I’ve got you! Over the years, Verbal Gold Blog has become a source of incredible resources on all things travel, family life, business, blogging, and so much more, so make sure you continue browsing around to uncover a world of information.

ady always do you