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Creative Ways to Use Infographics for Marketing

The use of infographics is one of the most effective ways of creating online content. Over the past few years, infographics involves representation of information using vibrant imagery and concise text.

Infographics have the power of visual appeal to the audience and can make boring content exciting to read. Moreover, they can make the process of digesting content swift and easy. Most individuals prefer learning something visually rather than reading many lines of straight text.

Essential steps of infographic marketing

The fundamental steps of infographic marketing include the following.

  • Selecting the right topic
  • conducting extensive research
  • writing good content
  • enchanting design and
  • promotion

Creative ways to market with Infographics

Infographics can increase conversions if used creatively as a marketing tool, so following are some creative ways infographics can be used for marketing;

  • Using infographics as newsletters

Newsletters should be fascinating, and the information in it must be engaging, accurate, and brief to the point. For that reason, Infographics can work best as newsletters. One can use an infographic with succinct information as the main body of their newsletter. Another effective approach would be to use multiple image files instead of using a single infographic in a newsletter.

  • Using them to juice up landing pages

Infographics might be the best tool to catch the eye of the reader, highlight key takeaways and engage the audience to the point of introducing a call to action. All these advantages can be utilized in landing pages to highlight value propositions in a visually appealing way. Where need be, infographics can also be used to illustrate instructions better thus increase conversions.

  • Sharing them on Instagram

Instagram is an image sharing platform thus can be perfect for distributing infographics. Segments of an infographic should be identified then posted at different times of the day. Remarkable captions with the website URL should be used to increase traffic to the site.

  • Creating new backlink and references

Infographics can be used for content marketing as they are highly recommended for building new backlinks as well as references. In fact, contemporary market giants are already implementing this, and they’re experiencing higher response rates. It’s critical to note that infographics should be professionally designed and backed with real data points.

  • Repurposing them into Slideshows

Creating an effective infographic might be a daunting task, but full-on slideshows might just be the perfect way to express its value. That can be achieved by cropping each section that is to be used as slides and crafting an alluring presentation with simple applications like PowerPoint then publishing them on platforms including SlideShare.

There are numerous indications that infographics will remain an effective content marketing tool for a long time to come. Studies reveal that posts featuring infographics generate three times more engagement than plain texts on social media. Perhaps that is why they have increasingly become instrumental in gigantic websites and brands throughout the world.


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