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How to Introduce Your Brand on Instagram

Wondering how to introduce your brand on Instagram? Social media is a powerful marketing tool that all businesses and brands should be using. On this tutorial, I share all my top tips and hacks to make the most out of your Instagram account! #Instagram

Are you wondering how to introduce your brand on Instagram? Many people start an Instagram account because it’s being said to be the top social media platform to be on. The issue is that many people wonder how to introduce their brand on Instagram. If you’ve started an Instagram account recently and want to know some tips on how you can introduce your personal brand or business to the world, then follow my step by step guide on how to say hello to the world of Instagram.

How to Introduce Your Brand on Instagram

Use Hashtags + Geotag

Use the #introduceyourself hashtag to share a quick video or photo with a descriptive text below it as a means to introduce your brand or persona on Instagram. Be sure to include some personal details such as your special talents or hobbies as well as your mission for being on this social media platform. You could include a reason why Instagram users should follow you too.

Make sure your followers and potential buyers know where you are as well. Include your address if you have a brick and mortar location and geotag your city so locals can find you more easily. By doing that you will end up in the city stories for the day and be featured to new potential followers.

Share your Free Time

Remember that people enjoy feeling connected with others on Instagram. Be sure to share various parts of your free time. This could be a photo of a fitness activity or class you’re attending. This could be hanging out with your pets or completing a craft. Share something more personal about you such as the hobbies that you enjoy in your free time to connect with your followers on Instagram.

Sharing snippets of your daily life is a must to keep followers engaged

Share Who Inspires You

Give your followers a chance to truly get to know you. Share a favorite actor or historical person that inspires you. Don’t have either of those? Then share something about a special person in your life that’s inspired you to be a better human. This is a great way to introduce your brand on Instagram as it will give your followers a feel for your inner values.

How to introduce your brand to Instagram

Use IG Stories

Don’t forget that you can use IG stories to introduce yourself on Instagram. IG Stories are pretty popular and it will give you insight about who is listening and wants to know more about you. This is a more personal way to share a bit of your life and mission with others on Instagram as a new or second introduction on this platform.

There’s so much to learn about using and creating Instagram stories, so we wrote an entire guide to Instagram stories for brands!

Stories are a great way to keep followers interested

Create a landing page with your best links

You only get one link on your Instagram bio, so make it count! Create a fun landing page with links to some of your best work. This could include your website, your blog, recent content, email signups, shoppable content and more. Head over here for more tips on how to create your own Instagram landing page.

Come up with a compelling bio

Instagram bios are a short snippet of what you / your brand is all about.  You get 150 characters for your bio, so make every single character count by making your personality shine through while still providing a short peek of what you’re all about and why newcomers should follow you. Here’s an entire post we wrote about to help you come up with the best Instagram bio possible!

Remember it’s never too late to introduce your personal brand on Instagram. Over the years you’ve received new followers and engagement from new people all over the world. Nothing is saying that you can’t post a new introduction every six months or so as a means to reconnect with your continued followers and engage with your new followers. Use my tips shared today to get yourself introduced on Instagram for maximum exposure!

Remember. If you need more help, we’re here for you. VGB offers small business consulting to help you grow your business and reach your target market online!