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How Brands Use Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories feature has emerged to be the favorite choice of various brands when it comes to digital marketing. This is all due to its vast reach and enhanced visibility. It can also drive conversions and trigger interaction with the customers.

About 800 million Instagram users follow business profiles and businesses take advantage of it quite conveniently. Let’s see some success stories and get inspired.


This automobile giant recently launched its Stories campaign by collaborating with Facebook Creative Shop and was able to reach 2.6 million people, thus accounting for a 9-point increase.


DriveNow used Stories to reach new customers by launching a special offer and recorded three times increase in leads, along with a 29% decrease in cost per lead. is a popular name in the online travel space of Indonesia. The company used this Instagram’s feature to connect to younger audience and increase the number of its app downloads. As expected, the campaign brought forward a 10% growth, 239,000 app downloads, and reached 26 million Indonesians.


Even food chains are not left behind. McDonald’s Malaysia created Stories with animated videos and witnessed a three times increase in sales. It also reached 60% of the targeted millennials.

Maybelline New York

Maybelline New York makes the best use of Stories by asking influencers to take over its campaigns and advertise the products.


Airbnb interacts with customers and promotes destinations by conducting polls on Stories and asking followers to identify places across the world.

MAC Cosmetics

MAC has gone a step further and uses Stories to educate users with step-by-step tutorials on using its products, such as eyeshadows, lipsticks, and pencil lining.

These are just a few companies using Instagram Stories to drive conversions, boost sales, and build awareness.

To gain more intriguing insights on this subject and get inspired, check out the detailed infographic below.