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Sonoma Wineries You Must Check Out

Visiting Sonoma soon? Whether you're planning a bachelorette party or visiting on a romantic getaway, these are the best Sonoma winereies you can't miss! #Sonoma #California

Sonoma is an amazingly beautiful place with classic weather partly because the cooling effect of the weather allows the place to grow some exquisite species of grape vine like Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. Spanning from the north pacific coast to warmer inland valleys in California, Sonoma County has a climatic system that is one of its kind.

Because of its amazing weather, Sonoma is home to a lot of viticulture destinations and could be the best vacation spot for the unique adventures it offers. Here are some of the best fun activities to do and places to visit when you are going to Sonoma County.


Sonoma Wineries  

Sonoma Wineries and City Guide

The Sonoma Plaza

The Sonoma plaza is the best place to start your exciting exploration, the century-old building is a testament to the Bear Flag Revolt that leads to the Mexican-American war. It’s become a hub for shopping, food, and vine. Since the dining experiences are exquisite here, the plaza offers a lot of food options. So, if you want to know the county a little more before starting your tour, you should definitely head down to the Sonoma Plaza for a good start.


Madrona State Winery

It is the winery that is situated 3,000 feet in the El Dorado County Appellation, Madroña, and consists of three family-owned vineyards. The welcoming ambiance of the tasting room and open winery lab is purely exquisite and sets you in the mood. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable and makes for a perfect experience. The unique part about this winery is that it has the property with bocce grape, the tables to relax at and surprisingly there is an amazing Wedding spot as well. So much for vineyard weddings!


Buena Vista Winery

Buena Vista is one of California’s oldest premium wineries and it sure tastes like one. The trip to Sonoma wouldn’t be complete if you don’t visit this winery. The winery offers an exciting and educational wine tasting experience that allows you to enjoy the finest, hand-crafted Buena Vista wines. The year-round tours include the Barrel tasting tour, tasting, historic wine museum tour, and private reserve tasting. Apart from the award-winning wines, the place has a gift shop and the most relaxing picnic spots in whole Sonoma County. It’s definitely worth a visit.


Lake Sonoma Winery

The Lake Sonoma winery is yet again one of the prominent wineries in the county. The testing room for the winery is located in the Sonoma plaza where the well-crafted wines produced by the company are available. The fairly casual display at the testing room allows you a variety of wine tasting adventure that educates about the senses by different tastes and smells to identify the wine. Moreover, the tasting room includes a seated wine bar with lovely indoor and outdoor lounges.


Sonoma Springs Brewery

If you find out that wine is not your thing or you have had enough of the wine tasting experience, you can head towards the Sonoma Springs Brewery. It is one of those happening places with their taproom that serves as a great location to plant oneself to try over twenty fresh beers that are brewed by the company. This is just a perfect place to hang out and enjoy with friends, maybe watch a game.


Hiking Trails

The best way to explore the town is to hike through all the sites. If you are adventurous enough you will find your favorite spots to return to. The Jack London state park is one of the most impressive places in Sonoma. The best one is the short hike to the wolf house. The other popular amazing hiking destination is the Russian River valley in Armstrong woods trail that allows for a more enchanting experience with tall redwood trees and other beautiful flora of Sonoma.


Cornerstone Gardens

The cornerstone gardens are just an amazing place. If you are someone who likes unique experimentation of architecture, sculpture, and bio designing, or if you’re simply someone who appreciates pretty things, you should visit the cornerstone gardens. They are home to a lot of small unique garden designs. Every garden is unique in its shape and form. It’s a lovely treat for plant hobbyists and gardeners because of its diverse variety of garden designs. The wishing garden is so far the coolest installation at the place and must be a destination if you’re in Cornerstone Gardens.


MacArthur place

If you’re looking to relax and soothe your body, this is just a place for you. The MacArthur place and Vista spa offer an aromatherapy massage and detox in the steam room. With a little of me-time and self-care, it would leave you feeling like a million bucks. If you are in Sonoma for a relaxing good time, this place should be on your list once you’re done with all the hectic wine tasting and hiking around the town.


Safari West

Safari West is a wildlife preserve and one of the places where you can watch the wildlife up close. If you are lucky, you get to feed them too. This makes Safari West one of the most unique Sonoma wineries! The property offers luxury safari tents if you plan to stay. The flamingos, zebra, and other wildlife animals could be seen in their habitat. The facility offers a safari tour ride, dining in the wild, and safari camping. It’s the perfect spot for observing wildlife.


Sonoma Wineries and vistas


Sonoma offers a lot of adventurous experiences to its visitors. From the sophisticated wine tasting, macho beer breweries, stunning hikes, and wild safari tours, the county is a perfect candidate for the most exciting and yet relaxing vacation spots of the United States.  You can have a lot of fun when you visit!


What are some other incredible Sonoma wineries you loved?


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