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Ways to Have Fun Traveling With an RV

how to have fun on an rv road trip vacation

Looking for ways to have fun this summer? You might want to consider getting an RV for some memorable trips. The RV lifestyle is often associated with retirement and traveling. Still, there are so many opportunities for enjoying the great outdoors no matter what your age or interests are. From camping to exploring by boat or car, there are never-ending options. Here are popular ways to enjoy traveling with an RV this summer.


Camping is a favorite summer activity, and it is a great way to enjoy the great outdoors. Whether in your RV, a tent, or on the ground in sleeping bags, camping gives you access to everything mother nature offers. Camping is affordable while allowing you to spend time with your friends and family outdoors. It’s easy: campgrounds provide parking space (either at RVs or within walking distance), electrical hook-ups, shower facilities, and sometimes even toilet facilities. RV storage is available in many campgrounds as well.


Adventures on the lake, ocean, or sea are favorite summer activities for many RVers. Whether you are fishing, exploring the waters, or even just spending your time on the water, boating is perfect for enjoying the great outdoors. This is another affordable way to enjoy the great outdoors. Make sure you also have the right hitch for your RV to transport your boat.  This will make for safe travels wherever you go.


If you are someone who loves to explore, then traveling by RV is perfect for you. It is a convenient way to travel long distances by offering you a place to sleep and prepare food. It can ultimately help you save money if you don’t want to book a hotel room. RVs are also a great way to travel with friends and large families. They offer far more space than a normal car does. You can even plan a cross-country road trip to see national parks and famous landmarks throughout the country much easier if you have an RV. There are many trips you can plan during the summer with an RV.

Traveling by RV

If you want to travel by RV or purchase one, now is the time. It’s a good idea to purchase one before the busy summer months hit. There are new models on the market that offer incredible convenience and flexibility in how you travel. It is easy to travel by RV without renting a car or paying for expensive flights. The RV lifestyle is affordable, providing you with a taste of the great outdoors without worrying about your vehicle breaking down.

Rent your RV

Once you’re done with your fun, rent out your RV to other people so they can experience RV life too. I love renting out my RV on Outdoorsy. I’ve rented it to over 20 amazing renters and my RV has gotten to go to some amazing places. Thanks to Outdoorsy I’ve made over $50,000 from my RV rental side hustle in a year! It’s been such a fun experience. I would highly recommend it to other RV owners.

You can set things like the minimum length of the trip, add-ons for things like camping chairs, discounts for month-long rentals, mileage, and generator limits, and more! I love the flexibility of renting my RV on Outdoorsy.

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What other RV owners are saying

Do you want to enjoy the great outdoors this summer? RVing is affordable while giving you an outlet to spend your time enjoying outdoor activities. Be sure to visit your local campgrounds and activities before you go, as each one has different amenities that you may need for a summer activity like this.

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