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body armor sports drink for athletes review

Two of My Favorite Fitness Essentials


There are a few things everyone needs when heading to the gym. Mine are always pre workout, a dope gym bag, great kicks, a headband (the sweat band kind), my iPhone and headphones, and of course an amazing playlist. But of course you always have your favorites and I love to spread the word about my musts. Let me know if you’ve heard of either of the below because I think they’re kind of a big deal!

2 Fitness Favorites You Need To Try Now

body armor sports drink for athletes review



It’s a new drink I discovered and I’m obsessed. It’s a better-for-you hydration option to traditional sports drinks. It has more electrolytes, higher in vitamins and potassium, lower in sodium, contains coconut water, naturally sweetened with pure cane sugar, natural flavors and no colors from artificial sources. Other sports drinks are high in sodium, low in potassium, have artificial flavors and colors with little to no nutrients. If you haven’t made the switch to a healthier sports drink then you should start now! Plus, it taste great!

BODYARMOR Sports Drink now comes in 11 flavors with an additional 4 flavors in their BODYARMOR LYTE line. BODYARMOR LYTE contains all the same nutrients and ingredients of the original, but contains only 20 calories and 3 grams of sugar per serving. BODYARMOR also has SportWater, a premium water with a performance pH+8 and packed with electrolytes for superior hydration.  BODYARMOR is the brand of choice for athletes and has assembled an impressive team of young and superstar athletes including Kobe Bryant, James Harden, Mike Trout, Dustin Johnson, Andrew Luck, Kristaps Porzinigis, Richard Sherman, Dez Bryant, Anthony Rizzo, and Skylar Diggins.

Bonus, BODYARMOR Sports Drink also announced this week that 6-packs will now be available at several retail locations across the U.S. including Kroger, Publix and Target! All my favorite places!!

body armor sports drink for athletes review

2. Killer Leggings

Zions Den Apparel Leggings. These bad boys are amazing. It’s a shameless promo because I do own the company but that’s how you know you’re in good hands. I carefully curate each piece to give my customers exactly what they want. My personal favorites are the Georgia Lifestyle Leggings because they’re ultra soft like butter on your skin. If you’re hitting the gym to get a workout in the Zion Performance Compression are a must! Into yoga, they work great because there is an extra 6″ you can wrap around your heel. If you want something that’s more for running or spin class, grab our Vegas Active Leggings… bonus, they’re reflective! There’s 4 new styles and designs coming out this month so be on the lookout!

body armor sports drink for athletes review

See you at the gym!


*Thanks to BODYARMOR for sponsoring this post.