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Our Top 5 Favorite At Home Workout Videos

best at home workout videos youtube fitness

I grew up an athlete and always stayed super active. After I retired from sports I stayed in shape with crossfit.  Until one day I injured myself and was out for good.  I have AVN, which stands for Avascular Necrosis. It is typically only found in older major athletes that take hits regularly, like football. Bo Jackson and Brett Favre are the two examples that come to mind.  This was crushing. I was told I’d need a hip replacement but opted to go with the more risky option of having a hole drilled through my hip to keep my bone from collapsing. So far it has worked, but high impact activities and running are off the table forever.

That caused me to search high and low for workouts that not only get the heart rate going but have modified versions too, in case I can’t do a certain movement.  I’m such a fan of online workout videos because of my travel and work schedule. Everyday my work hours are different and sometimes it has me up late. I make sure I am never without a workout. Sometimes I forget my tennis shoes when I’m traveling so I love that youtube workout videos can be done barefoot! Plus, I always have my computer with me so it’s easy and convenient when I need to do a quick workout.

Bonus: you can always find these on your smart tv or stream them if you need a bigger screen.

POPSUGAR Fitness is a great place to go online for access to a ton of workout videos you can choose from! Over the years I’ve tried everything! After having some success with these workouts I’ve rounded up some of my favorites!

Here are my top home workout videos!

1. Celebrity trainer Simone de la Rue is legit!  Body by Simone was even recently featured on Revenge Body by Khloe Kardashian. In my opinion that’s a great seal of approval. Get ready to have a blast while doing it. This 25 minute workout by Simone is one of my faves but there are a ton more videos here!

2. Karena and Katrina from Tone is Up are definitely a good source. Not only do they share workout videos, but they post fun recipes and have an entire online community you can join. They have a ton of challenges too that will keep you engaged.

3. Christa DiPaolo, creator of the THE CUT by Equinox, will lead you through her 45-minute signature workout that mixes high-intensity conditioning, boxing, kickboxing, and bodyweight strength training moves. This workout is no joke! Granted, I did the elliptical for 30 minutes prior but I couldn’t even finish it. It had me on my ass at the 20 minute mark. I’m still trying to recover.

4. This Fitness Marshall is my fave! He makes working out fun with his cardio hip hop routines. On his channel he has an 11 or 12 song sweat sesh that is the perfect workout!

5. Billy Blanks is my OG workout! I’ve been doing Tae Bo since he was on VHS! His channel has a ton of videos that range from 8min and up! If you’ve never done a Billy Blanks workout do this now!

I also have an honorable mention. Tracy Anderson is a very well known celebrity trainer.  She has studios in NYC and The Hamptons for a small $900/month membership. Luckily the studio in The Hamptons lets you book by class!  She sells her workouts on dvd so unfortunately you won’t find many of her workout videos on her channel.  I’m not a fan of her style in the metamorphis video set because she doesn’t talk much so I find it odd and sometimes get lost. However, that doesn’t mean that you wouldn’t like it. Her studio band workouts and cardio dance workouts are hard as hell so give it a shot!

Blogilates is also a good go to. She has a ton of workout videos and posts nutritional info and approved snacks too! Plus challenges and all things healthy!

Turbo Jam is one of my favorite DVD workouts. Unfortunately, I can’t find it on youtube but if you want a fun cardio workout that’s a little bit cheesy this one is for you! You can also try Beachbody, Barre (like this video) and Yoga (like this).  The good news is youtube is a free source where you find basically any workout video you want to do that day so there is no excuse not to get it in. My last fun workout suggestion is to try Just Dance! It’s so much fun and even more fun if you do it with a friend and compete!

Have fun working out at home!