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Two of My Favorite Fitness Essentials


  There are a few things everyone needs when heading to the gym. Mine are always pre workout, a dope gym bag, great kicks, a headband (the sweat band kind), my iPhone and headphones, and of course an amazing playlist. But of course you always have your favorites and I…

Our Top 5 Favorite At Home Workout Videos


I grew up an athlete and always stayed super active. After I retired from sports I stayed in shape with crossfit.  Until one day I injured myself and was out for good.  I have AVN, which stands for Avascular Necrosis. It is typically only found in older major athletes that take hits…

motivation monday

Motivational Monday Playlist 2


Happy Monday! A brand new week means we have some fresh tunes to get you through your workouts! Check out the playlist below for some upbeat jams to help you burn off all the extra holiday treats you’ve been sneaking. We complied a playlist that is about an hour long to make your workout go faster…

Who needs gluten anyway


  Going gluten free…. SUCKS!     I’m not talking about going gluten free because it’s “trending” or you read it in Cosmo or you’re trying to be healthy.  I’m talking to the people that went to the doctor to get their food allergies tested and they came back with…

Weekend Shenanigans


My weekend looked a little like this… Gym Time DIY Craft Time Football Time- ROLL TIDE Jason and I had some people over to watch the BAMA game… he got me a TV mount and we put the TV outside so he everyone could watch it while grilling outside.  Then we…

Are You Ready To Take It Off?


The weight I mean! Dirty minds… I’ve been trying different ways to lose weight since I’ve been off crutches. I still can’t do high impact activities  and I’m a high impact kind of girl  so I’ve been trying different exercises and exercise videos  that will keep me motivated. That brings…

Gym Jams


I’m going to tell you a secret because we are all friends… well it’s not so much of a secret but I’m ADD and at the gym I flip through songs ALL the time… so I’ve come up with a collection of gym jams and songs that will entertain me through an…