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Where’s My White Picket Fence?


As I turned 30, I realized my life isn’t what I thought it would be. As a child you grow up and think you’ll be married, have kids, have a fabulous career and that perfect house with the white picket fence by the time you’re in your mid 20’s. And then reality hits and you realize you are nowhere near those plans you had pictured in your head. In our society today that is the path we are expected to take and when it doesn’t work out like that you start to wonder where you failed or what went wrong. I’ve had this conversation with several friends over the past few years and I know I am not alone. 
But then I have to take a step back and say it’s okay. Let yourself let go from what is expected. The world today is very different than when our parents got married. Priorities have shifted and times have changed. There are so many more temptations and “what if’s” out there. What if this guy isn’t for me, let me just get on or Tinder and see if there is someone better? What if this city isn’t where I want to be? What if this job isn’t my dream job? The “what if’s” are endless. 


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Now I’m not quite sure where I am going with this post but I do know you can’t continue to compare your life to others. You have a different path and as long as you’re happy, it doesn’t matter. You may think you should be jealous of others, but you don’t know what they are really going through. Everyone has their “what if’s” and what am I missing. Take this time and think about what you have going on in your life that someone else is missing out on – I know you have them. You’re probably able to travel more, go on spontaneous trips, eat out whenever you want, have your own schedule, have “me” time, etc. 


I started keeping a journal of things I am thankful for because there are so many and sometimes I forget about those little memories and I need to be reminded.
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Hope this blog post hits home with some readers and let’s you know it’s okay. It’s okay to make your own path and it may not be the traditional plan you had laid out for yourself back when you were still playing Barbie’s but it will eventually work out. Be patient. Be happy. Live in the now.
xoxo, Lindsay


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