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The best way to recoup after traveling plus 5 tips to help you beat jet lag and get rid of post-travel fatigue

helix sleeping travel blogger


Traveling is great but it takes a toll on your body. Travel fatigue is a real thing. From the dehydration, to lack of sleep, to jet lag, and sometimes getting too much sun, you can return home exhausted. Especially if you had a flight delay or a long flight. I know I do. As a travel blogger when I get home from traveling, I have so much to do it leaves me feeling like I have to play catchup. It’s crazy time. When I get home I usually make sure I have everything off my SD cards and then start editing photos, creating videos, writing blog posts, sharing content, checking emails, on top of doing laundry and running errands- it’s a lot. That’s why it’s so important not to get overwhelmed and put yourself first.

The best way to recoup after traveling, beat jet lag, and get rid of post-travel fatigue

helix sleeping travel blogger

1. Make a to do list.

So you don’t get overwhelmed, have a list of things to do in order of priority. Take your time and don’t try to cram in too much on your first away or your first day back.

2. Go to bed at your normal time.

Sometimes jet lag can get you and as soon as you get home you want to rest. But, the best way to beat jet lag is to go to sleep at your normal time in that time zone. The expression goes that west is best, east is a beast, and it’s true.

Pro tip: If you have an international or long flight, book a night flight so you can sleep during the flight and wake up and start your day without missing a beat. Need help sleeping?  Instead of sleeping pills, just pick a window seat if possible, blow up a pillow, bring some herbal tea and grab a free hot water to help relax you.

3. Be plane savvy.

If you have the chance, ride on the newest, best plane available for the trip. Aim for the A350s and A380s!

4. Avoid too much alcohol or caffeine, instead load up on water!

Water is your best friend so keep an empty water bottle on you at all times and fill up whenever you can. Some airports have filtered water systems in place which will help hydrate you and keep traveling expenses down.

helix sleeping travel blogger

5. Get your rest and a full night sleep!

First things first, catch up on your sleep.  As soon as I get home from a trip I can’t wait to jump in my new bed and be horizontal. You won’t be productive if you aren’t well rested.  When you’re sharp you can probably get a job done in an hour but if you’re working on no sleep it may take you two or three.  You’re always more productive and efficient when you’re at your best! Getting your best nights sleep starts with a good mattress and one that is super easy and convenient to set up. I checked out Helix and was sold on their mattress.  I love that it’s easy and convenient but also customizable. You can exactly what you need by taking a small questionnaire.  Regardless of size, your mattress comes vacuum sealed in a 4ft tall box delivered to your front door. It seriously doesn’t get any easier than that. Helix takes a personalized approach to bedtime, making sure you’re well supported, well-rested, and ultimately, comfortable, while you sleep. Check out more behind the science of the mattress here.

helix sleeping travel blogger

I took the quiz online with my husband because Helix is so customized they let you choose how you want your side of the mattress or if you want it to be blended. I enjoyed being able to get something just for me but also that my husband could choose his preferences too! We picked out the mattress we needed, a California King, and voila! Helix gave us a 7 day window for delivery and it showed up on the first day! We carried it inside, opened the box and plastic wrap, took the vacuum sealed mattress to the bed and watched it unfold and blow up in a matter of minutes. It was kind of amazing and only took about 5 minutes for set up. We had bets going that it wasn’t actually a Cal King, or that it wouldn’t work, or that it’d be an awful mattress but to be honest, it blew our minds. The fact that a super comfortable, firm yet soft Cal King mattress fit in that box is insane. I love it!

I’ve been sleeping on my Helix mattress for about a month and I couldn’t be happier. I’m feeling so rested I never want to get out of bed. I would definitely consider getting new mattress for the other rooms in our house from Helix!

helix sleeping travel blogger
helix sleeping travel blogger
helix sleeping travel blogger


Interested? Learn more about Helix or get your own mattress here!

*This post was sponsored by Helix but all opinions are my own!