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4 Ways to Prepare Your Body For A Beach Trip

It’s summer, baby! It’s time to head to the beach, but are you ready for that? Sometimes we realize that the summer has snuck up on us. We have our bags packed for our trip before we realize we didn’t prepare our bodies like we wanted to. We have put together 4 ideas that will help prepare your body for a beach trip that may be coming up around the corner.

4 Ways to Prepare Your Body For A Beach Trip

1.Visit a Dance Studio

Everyone can dance and take pleasure out of the process. What’s a better way to prepare your body for a beach trip than adding a fun exercise routine to your day.

It may be a classical, contemporary, Latin, or modern dance. If you want to be stretched, it is recommended for you to visit classical ballet and contemporary. But if you like modern rhythms like hip-hop or reggae, it’s better to go straight to these classes. They are fun and a great exercise for your body.

Remember the number one rule: first dance, second think. All you have to do is dance and you will achieve the best shape possible for you!

Tip: Shoes are very important for a great workout. I wear Nike Flywire shoes for women and love them!

2. Clean Diet Tips

Sugar and sweets are your biggest enemies when you are getting your beach body ready. Reduce your urge to eat them.

Limit your carb intake. It is better to eat fewer noodles, potatoes, and bread. Replace them with fruits and vegetables, and complex carbs like brown rice and sweet potatoes for energy.

If you change your daily ratio and add more salads, your body will react correspondingly. In addition, avoid eating greasy foods and condiments because there are too many calories there. Eat more raw nuts and seeds. Stick to olive oil instead of vegetable oil while cooking to stay on track.

Do these simple things and get awesome results!


3. Drink More Water

Water is an extremely important component of our bodies. Our bodies consist of  about 70% of water. Therefore, it is more than recommended to drink 8 cups of water every day.

Water helps get rid of all unnecessary chemicals from the body and wash away all the toxins. As a result, you will be pleased about the fact that your pimples you’ve fought with for a long time have finally disappeared. Water has a healing power, so if you want to reduce your body weight, drink more of it.


4. Choose the Right Swim Suit for your Body Type

One of the best things we can advise you on is to choose the right swimsuit for you body type. There are plenty of choices out there. Right now we have seen a trend in the retro fit style. It sems today’s bikini is all about the fashion trends of the past. Try to find the form which highlights your favorite features.

If you want to always be happy about your body in the bikini, be sure to take the time to try on different styles from different designers. It may be a pain, but it’s worth it! Finding the perfect fit and style for your body can help you look your best!



Regardless of your body style, remember you are beautiful. All women are different and we are all powerful, strong, and gorgeous.  Remember, find a fun activity for exercise, eat well, drink water, and find you a bathing suit you can rock. Have a great summer and be sure to comment below if you have any of your own tips!