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Vibe Ride Atlanta

In case y’all missed it we partnered with Vibe Ride in Atlanta and threw an amazing #BikesandBlogs private spin event with a personal favorite of mine… coach Beth Fitzpatrick!


I’ve been to toooonnnnnnsssss of spin classes.  I mean a lot.  And this one was by far the hardest (but in a good calorie burning kind of way).  It’s a mix of Fly Wheel and SOUL but you can’t really compare it. Harder than Fly and less cheesy than SOUL. 
The rooms are open, the playlists are awesome and it’s a full body workout.  The bikes are so much better than any I’ve ever been on.  Gears instead of torque and the dashboard even includes the time you’ve been riding, which I personally love.  They even have little competitions (team style) in the middle of the ride.  One side vs. the other side.  I’m a super competitive person and loved that part.  I liked it because you weren’t singled out on a bike and instead you were part of a team.  They even give prizes sometimes! Haaayyyyyy #motivation!




Make sure to check the calendar.  They have a theme ride almost every week.  My personal favorite was Nikki vs. Taylor last week and Beyonce vs. Nikki this week! There is even a Yeezy, Weezy, Jeezy & Breezy with a Live DJ tomorrow!  Yeah you read that right… LIVE DJ!  Plus there is more than just spin they even have barre, circuit training, HIIT and so much more.
They had the cutest little set up for us after the ride.  Mimosas and snacks!  And believe me I chugged about 3 of those.  I mean I worked for it right?   


Thanks to Iyanna from YanniVLovely for coming out to support!  Blog love!  So great meeting everyone and especially these girls who were brave enough for a sweaty snap post ride!  



Just remember your first class is FREE so get in there!! Oh… any and all packages are 50% OFF with code VERBALGOLD!


Vibe Ride Atlanta // 950 W Peachtree St NW 

(in the Publix parking deck – 2nd floor – down 3 steps and you’re there) Seriously so easy!  I love that I don’t have to walk a mile and through 2 buildings to get there.  Bonus:  Free parking (without those annoying parking tickets)


Have y’all been?  Let me know what you think!


xo Ady