Adult Easter Baskets that are 18 Carrot Gold


Just because you’re not a kid (and some days that’s debatable) doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate Easter in style.  Adult Easter Baskets (AEB) are perfect for friends, family, visiting the in laws or boyfriends parents, host/hostess gifts and much more! Because let’s face it… who doesn’t love chocolate!     First, know your…

Gift Gold for her


Happy first week back from your holiday break.  Is it not the longest week ever?  I know it has been for me!  On the bright side… I got engaged over New Years! Eeeek.  So if you want to get me anything (wink wink).  Just kidding.  But definitely check out our…

DIY: Neighbor Gifts for the Holidays


Just move into a new neighborhood and want to give your neighbors a little gift that’s also budget friendly just to say HEY I’M YOUR NEW NEIGHBOR AND I’M AWESOME! haha  So here is what I came up with… with a little help of course from the google machine.   Option 1.  …

holiday gift basket

The Bakers Gift Basket


The Bakers Gift Basket is perfect for your friend who loves to cook, for a holiday silent auction, or for a white elephant party. Just go to your favorite place to get kitchen stuff and put together a sweet present. I love that the “basket” can be re-used and is…