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Adult Easter Baskets that are 18 Carrot Gold

Just because you’re not a kid (and some days that’s debatable) doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate Easter in style.  Adult Easter Baskets (AEB) are perfect for friends, family, visiting the in laws or boyfriends parents, host/hostess gifts and much more! Because let’s face it… who doesn’t love chocolate!



First, know your audience, because giving wine to your mother in-law who recently just finished a (not so secret) stint at betty ford will not go over well. Basically, I am saying be considerate.

Second, fill your basket. Like, to the top. People love stuff, the more the better. Don’t you remember running down the stairs and seeing those large white baskets covered with colored cellophane and plastic grass, I mean the contents was mostly peeps and random toys but hey presentation counts (go mom!). Which brings you to the next step…


Selecting the best Basket option:


* Watering Can


* Pot 


* Crate 


* Strainer


* Hat (upside down)


You can fill your AEB with red bull, beer, cider, wine (obiv) mini or full size #biggerthebetter, lindor chocolate, chocolate bunnies, candy, Easter oven mitts, Easter pot holders, candles, 5 hour energy, bacon, beef jerky, nail polish, gift cards, wine glasses, anything chocolate and anything peanut butter, metallic eggs, gum, mints, mason jars and anything gold and glittery!!!!


My other host gift / AEB go to is an Edible Arrangement or a nice potted plant.  Yes I love flowers but I feel like a vase of potted tulips goes a lot farther and is perfect for Easter!  Think let it live don’t let it die…


Have a great weekend and Easter Sunday!


 #grownupbutnot What are your favorites from you AEB?



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