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Treat Yo Mom // Creative Ways To Thank Her

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First, let’s just say Mom deserves to be celebrated every day but even more so on Mother’s Day! Currently I’m living pretty far from my Mom, so I will be thanking her via a care package filled with her favorite goodies to let her know how special and appreciated she is today and everyday. For all the other daughters who will be spending Mother’s Day away from Mom consider sending that special lady in your life something to let her know you are thinking of her and something she can treat herself to!


Every year I ask my mom what she would like for Mother’s day. She always answers just to spend time together. Some of my most treasured memories consist of my mom and I cooking together while jamming out to music in our kitchen; nothing fancy just enjoying spending time together.


But for everyone who is lucky enough to spend Mother’s Day with their Mom, definitely cherish it by letting your mom know how special she is and how thankful you are to have her in your life. Whether it be flowers, chocolate (my Mom’s personal favorite), quality time, or fun activities together, make sure to let your mom know how much you appreciate all she’s done and continues to do for you. 

Everyone, especially Moms, love feeling pampered. Here are a few ideas to Treat Yo Mom to on Mother’s Day:

A Day of Pampering For Mom

Spend the day together at your favorite spa or salon treating your Mom to some special R&R with a massage, facial, blow out or mani/pedi. Or throw an at home pampering party and invite other Mothers and Daughters to join! Even if your Mom regularly gets these services for herself, spending the time together doing something she loves will make her day extra special. 


Mother’s Day Shopping Spree

Ask your Mom if there are any products, beauty services, or looks she wants to test out. Maybe find some you both are interested in trying out together for the first time. Check out my Spring Beauty Haul if you need some inspiration for a mother daughter shopping spree. Stop by one of your favorite beauty retailers or salons together and show her some of your favorite products or services and then treat her to them and enjoy getting pampered together. My mom doesn’t try a lot of new products or services on her own, but if I discuss things I like with her she is usually keen to give them a try herself.


Discover Something New Together

If your Mom isn’t interested in any of the above activities, ask her what kind of activity she would like to do together. Maybe try something new you’ve both been interested in for a while like a cooking or painting class.  Try a fun new hobby you can both enjoy together.  And if all else fails, make or order your Mom’s favorite meal, relax, and have a movie marathon together. 

Happy Mother’s Day to my amazing Mom and all the other incredible women on the planet celebrating Mother’s Day!  
What are some of your favorite memories you and your Mom have shared? Share them below and spread the love!