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Our Top 6 Baby Shower Gifts That Aren’t On The Registry

I’m at that age where half of my friends are settled down having kids and the other half are still out partying, traveling, or going after their career.  Even though you’re still at the bar while all your friends are having kids doesn’t mean you can’t get them a cute gifts!  It seems like almost everyone I know is having a baby and where there are babies there are baby showers! A shower of baby showers if you will.  I’m all for shopping on the registry but if you’re close with said preggers friend (aka actually know the name of the baby), adventure out and get them a customized gift they’ll love, enjoy, and remember! I love being different and because of this I’ve put together a list of my favorite 6 baby gifts to give at a baby shower!

6 Gifts to Give at a Baby Shower 

1. Oh Joy at Target! Really you can’t go wrong with anything she designs.

baby gift guide

2. Jennifer Ann Style – Personalized Baby Blankets, Onesies, etc. These have quickly become my go to! I love them!


baby gift guide

3. Chewbeads Necklace – Jewelry your little one can actually man handle and chew on!

baby gift guide

4. Cheeky onesies – or twosies – Because I love shit with words on it!

5. Gifts for Mom! Think relaxation. Candles, slippers, robes, and sleep mask!


baby gift guide


6. Custom Mobiles. I’m in love with the flower crown mobiles on Etsy. Especially for new born girls!

baby gift guide


When buying baby gifts I suggest checking out the registry first to get a feel for what they want.  I recommend getting something small off the registry and then adding your own touch to the gift to make it more personal.  You can also send something from the registry for the baby shower and then send your personal baby gift when the baby actually arrives! I like to put thought into my gift giving which makes it more special for me and hopefully for the person receiving the gift.  I don’t like to waste time so I use Octer to browse.  On Octer you can shop by category or store to compare thousands of brands so you’ll always get the perfect style & best price.

Not sure if y’all read Love Languages but gift giving is my jam! I think regardless of price, when you put more thought into your gift it goes so much further and means so much more to the person getting the gift. You don’t have to spend a ton to give the perfect gift!

I hope I’ve inspired you to branch out and create some personal gifts your preggers friends and family will love! If you have any other ideas drop me a comment below! I’d love to hear them!






This post was sponsored by Octer but all opinions are my own. The Target link in this post is an affiliate link and I will receive a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking on my link.