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Hilarious Presents Your Friends Will Actually Use       

If you are lucky, you have a solid group of friends who you can always count on. No matter how weird or silly you get, these friends will always be by your side. Since you’ve already mastered the perfect friendship full of inappropriate behavior and conversations, gift giving is all the more stressful. What do you get that one friend who has everything? Something just as bizarre as they are, of course! But maybe something they can actually use too. Here are some fun gift ideas they’ll actually get a kick out of.

A funny onesie

A hilarious onesie is a perfect gag gift, and even if your friend already has one (or three), they will appreciate a new one to add to their arsenal. After all, they can’t show up to every themed party with the same outfit on, now can they? Tipsy Elves has tons of different options to choose from; select from unicorn onesies, patriotic inspired onesies, and Christmas-worthy onesies.

A fanny pack

If your friend loves odd accessories, get them a fanny pack. Not only will it make them look retro, but it will also give everyone a good laugh. If they happen to be a rock climber, even better—climbers actually use fanny packs to store their chalk.

Speaking of traveling

Oftentimes when traveling, you get stuck using public toilets that are not so clean. You friend will definitely get a kick out of a public toilet survival kit—which you can buy premade or make yourself. The right kit should include some folded toilet seat covers, antiseptic wipes, latex gloves and anything else you may think of.

Something-of-the-Month subscription

There are tons of monthly subscription services out there, so you should have no problem finding one that your friend will love. Check out “wine of the month” or “whiskey of the month” subscriptions to get the party started.

Fun Games

There are dozens of board games and card games available for adults, and your friends need to try at least one. Cards Against Humanity is a great example of a card game with an especially edgy sense of humor, and there are countless expansion packs that keep the game interesting. If you think they’d enjoy something different, harken back to an old favorite, Oregon Trail. Oregon Trail isn’t the computer game you remember playing in grade school; it’s now a board game that’s just as challenging as it was back then. For those with an offbeat sense of humor, try a game like Utter Nonsense. Players receive a card with a phrase and another card instructing them to interpret it with an accent. This is a great game if your friends are particularly courageous.

Have an adventure they will never forget

Try putting together an adventure in a box. It can be anything you want it to be, like a themed scavenger hunt throughout the city that requires the two of you to check things off a list (try things like hug a man in a blue shirt and slip “meow” into a conversation with every person you meet). The options are literally endless and while the gift may seem lame, you are basically guaranteeing a day full of laughter and memorable moments for you and your friend, which is way better than a gift they will put on their bookshelf and forget about. Extra points if you take along an instant camera, so that you and your friend can capture the most absurd moments of the adventure.


You love your funny friends, and a hilarious gift is just what they need to have a good time. Make them laugh with one of these entertaining gifts for the next special occasion.