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holiday gift basket

The Bakers Gift Basket

bakers holiday gift basket

The Bakers Gift Basket is perfect for your friend who loves to cook, for a holiday silent auction, or for a white elephant party. Just go to your favorite place to get kitchen stuff and put together a sweet present. I love that the “basket” can be re-used and is practical.  It’s a ceramic container (some can even be used as a compost) that can be used as a “basket” to gift measuring spoons, spatulas, kitchen towel, oven mit and any kitchen tools you can fit!

I added in a candle and a wine bottle sweater (because who doesn’t like to light a candle during the colder months and wine is just a necessity while cooking) but feel free to substitute out and include a gingerbread cake mix (or here) or a cookie mix jar. I kept some of the pieces non-holiday so they can be used all the time.

Here are my picks:


"The Bakers" Gift Basket

What’s next?

Now just put it together and you have the perfect gift!

The Bakers Gift Basket