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My Favorite Free Streaming Workout Classes To Do At Home

Want to get fit but don't love the gym? There are so many online workout classes available that you can get fit right at home! Here are my favorite free streaming workout classes to do at home! #Workout

Since we’re spending most of our time indoors I am streaming free workout classes more than ever. I’m an at-home workout junkie. I have my own home gym and dance cardio classes are some of my favorite workouts so this post is right up my alley. I of course have my A1 since day 1, The Fitness Marshall, but I’ve tried some new ones as well that I decided to share below. So check out my 4 free favorite streaming workout classes to do at home plus some honorable mentions.


My 4 Favorite Streaming Workout Classes To Do At Home


  1. The Fitness Marshall 

A youtube workout that I’ve been doing for years. The Fitness Marshall and his backup booties are my favorite. They do easy to follow dance routines to trending songs. Caleb’s commentary is especially hilarious which keeps me smiling the entire time. I usually do the sweat sesh but sometimes I prefer to handpick my favorite songs from his playlist. This is a must-try if you haven’t already joined!

Love: Free on youtube-play from smart TV/fire/Roku, no equipment needed, dance workout, fun!


2. MadFit

Short and sweet workouts that you can stream for free on youtube. No equipment is needed so you can do these easily at home. There are tons of videos that highlight specific areas like abs, lower abs, toned thighs, booty, etc. This is a much slower pace more relaxed workout. But there is a TikTok dance party workout that is super fun. 

Love: Free on youtube-play from smart TV/fire/Roku, no equipment needed, timer in the upper corner, super chill.


3. Blogilates

I love Cassey. She’s an award-winning fitness instructor and uses fun TikTok songs. This is the #1 female fitness channel on YouTube so her workouts are the real deal. With a wide range of free workout videos available, Cassey’s channel focuses on ab exercises, butt & thigh exercises, arm exercises, pilates, cardio routines, fat burning workouts, high-intensity interval training workouts (HIIT), stretching and flexibility routines and so much more!

Love: Free on youtube-play from smart TV/fire/Roku, no equipment needed, informative and talks you through things.


4. Simone De La Rue Dance Cardio Workout

Ever since I saw Simone on Khloe Kardashian Revenge Body I had to try it. I thought it was totally stupid and would have had the same reaction as the athlete that was on the show but it freaking works. She’s amazing. Her class is so much fun!

Simone is one of Hollywood’s hottest celebrity trainers. Her clients include Oscar® and Grammy® winners, supermodels, and moms. She is the creator of Body By Simone with three studios across LA and NY, the author of the “Eight-Week Total Body Transformation,” and the creator of the Body By Simone App:

Love: Free on youtube-play from smart TV/fire/Roku, no equipment needed (maybe hand weights), dance workout, high cardio, fun, great workout!


A few other favorites are the Peloton app, 305 Fitness, Tone It Up, Zumba, and POPSUGAR Fitness.

You can find all of the workouts above on youtube to stream for free as well. The Peloton workouts are free right now but you have to use the app or go to and sign up. I tried to do the Tracey Anderson Metamorphosis workout but I just can’t get down with that. It’s voiced over and with my ADD I just can’t stay focused. 


What at-home workouts have y’all been doing?