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Atmasphere Atlanta: Yoga, Meditation & Cycling

Atmasphere is a new studio in Atlanta that offers yoga, meditation and cycling. I was so excited to get the opportunity to try a 20 minute “sneak peak” of each of the classes offered.

As soon as you walk in the door, you can tell this studio is going to be special. Everyone is friendly and willing to answer any questions you may have. Atmasphere wants to create a welcoming environment and it gives off a spa like vibe when you walk in the door. They want all your tension and stress to disappear when you arrive and leave feeling with a peace of mind.






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Now let’s check out each of the offerings…

1. Meditation

The meditation room was so neat and I was looking forward to seeing what this class was all about. Atmasphere offers 3 meditation series. In our 20 minute preview classes, our main focus was to get a glimpse of what meditation is and what it is like. Everyone has their own cushion and headset. The idea is to get comfortable before getting started with your knees crossed and lower than your hips. The headset switched from different meditation sounds and the teacher could talk to you through the headsets. It’s hard to turn off your mind (well mine at least) and this can be one of the harder classes. I’m looking forward to going back and getting the full experience.





2. Yoga

The yoga room was just as nice (ALL the ROOMS were so nice and peaceful)! For an introduction, we did a vinyasa practice and focused on our breathing and positions. When we walked in the door, we all picked a word and during the class, if we got sidetracked, the idea was to go back to the word we picked. Mine was “aware”. I went back to thinking about my word several times when I forgot to focus on the breathing or got behind on a position, I had to tell myself to be “aware” of what I’m doing and focus my attention back to where it should be.






3. Cycling

Cycling was a work out! For a cycling room, I was impressed how they still wanted the class to come across as tranquil – there were candles lining the room and the lights were dimmed. The instructor was great and so enthusiastic. Atmasphere has the best cycling bikes on the market. They are more than willing to make sure you feel comfortable on your bike and have it set up correctly. For you competitive people, they have a board that keeps track of your standing within the class and other metrics.





Atmasphere and BRAVE PR put on an impressive event. Thanks for our after work out treats from Naan Stop and Freeze Cream (oh my, I want it again). And the sweet swag bag we got as well. Thanks to all the sponsors.