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The Best Gifts for your Fitness Girlfriend

fitness gifts

The world sure is changing, isn’t it? One moment the Christmas is all about buying all-things-chocolate, pajamas and jewelry for those we love and the next we’re putting crossfit gear, protein powder and dairy-and-sugar-free-cookies under the tree. What a time to be alive, right?

Nevertheless, we may joke about it as much as we want but, since we started working out, things started shifting for the better. Not only are we looking better and leaner but our mood is better and we’ve met so many people in group training and at the gym that we can’t even count! And, if we just happen to get drunk together on a Friday night, we’ll lose the kcal exercising together on a Saturday. It’s fun!

So, in the manner of #healthy #lifestyle and #fitness #goals, we’ve decided this Christmas is going to be fitness-y – both for us and our girlfriends! Here’s a list of things you may want to consider using when choosing your friends’ gifts this Xmas:

Clothing essentials

Every girl needs a quality set to fall back onto when hitting the gym, doesn’t she? That said, here are a few of our suggestions:

  • A pair of black yoga pants/capris; if your girlfriend is a fitness freak and loves hitting the treadmill, she’ll absolutely love a pair of yoga pants, even if she’s already got one (or several, like mine does). You don’t have to go with a dark color, though. In fact, if your friend’s got a bubbly persona, be free to experiment with color! Grab a pair of these leggings because they are the most comfortable things I’ve ever worn! 
  • A pair of ballet shoes; nothing beats getting your dancing addict girlfriend a pair of ballet shoes from Australia since they are high in quality, absolutely gorgeous and they can be ordered online. Easy peasy!
  • A gym bag; who wouldn’t jump for joy at getting an awesome gym bag to brag about! Find an interesting gym bag design that agrees with your girlfriend’s style or go for an absolute chic sleek she’ll be able to rock with any gym outfit. Practical gifts for the fitness-obsessed make for the best presents


What would going to the gym be if you didn’t have at least a few accessories to brag about, right? Here are our favorites:

  • Wireless earphones; make sure you find a pair that is comfortable and won’t fall out while you’re working out. While plenty of wireless earphones do look great and seem to align with the earlobe, in reality – not many do. Ask the salesperson to let you try on a pair for you to establish they sit well. If they don’t let you do that, make sure you save the bill
  • Buying your bestie a gym or yoga mat is a great choice, since a lot of girls are hesitant to use those from the gym, that have been used by other people.
  • A motivator bag; cute motivator bags with slogans like “I am off to the gym, I am  I am I am” / “I look like Kim Kardashian, you just don’t see it” / “The gym’s my church, I’m off to pray” or any other slogan you see fit or want to come up with yourself and have printed on your friend’s bag could work. Anything with motivational slogans for the gym works, so you can opt for a T-shirt, jacket, mug or a pillowcase instead of a bag
  • A fancy water bottle; lately, fancy water bottles have been making a roar and we find them ridiculously pointless but absolutely adorable. They come in various shapes, designs and colors. If your girlfriend is into cute gym stuff, you know what to do.


  • A sports bra; yaaaas! Nothing beats good boob support! You know this, I know it, and your girlfriend knows it. Buy a sports bra that’s easy on the skin, breathable and doesn’t hold sweat
  • Hand savers; what a rowing machine and lifting weights can do for one’s physique is phenomenal… but what they can do for the hands is absolutely horrifying! If your friend loves these kinds of exercises, hand savers are the thing to buy
  • A headband; for all the girls who love to take their fitness outside, a thick, high-quality headband is everything! Make sure it’s comfy and breathable, and easy to fit over a ponytail

Although we did throw shade on fitness Christmas presents in the first paragraph, you clearly see how much we actually love buying and getting fitness presents, don’t you? These are great gifts you can gift all year long! Ah. We hope someone surprises you with a fitness thingy, too!