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Keeping Up With Khloe Kardashian

“Have you met me before?  I haven’t, but we can be friends!”  Is probably my favorite line from the entire conversation with Khloe.

As you can see I had the best Monday of all time!  I got the opportunity to chat with Miss Bosslady herself, Khloe Kardashian and a few of her entourage!  And let me tell you… we had the best time ( I mean I can’t speak for her well maybe I can after I got this sweet note!)  I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard in my life.

I really appreciate everyone submitting questions for me to ask Khloe, but we ended up really just chatting with not much of an interview style because we all know my ADD kicked in and space cadet Ady took off a million miles a minute just chatting with Khloe….. Kardashian.  How. Freaking. Cool.  Just another day in the life… no big deal.  I could have talked to her all day.  She is seriously gorgeous and cool as shit!  Not to mention so easy to talk to!  The fact that I can’t even get out a sentence and she knows exactly what I was talking about blows my mind.  I am definitely “a woman after her own heart.”

We chatted about so many things and I’ve decided to share just a few with y’all below!  Time in the Hamptons, Atlanta, what it’s like on camera all the time and the pressure, working out, and of course when we get to hang out again!

Skype quality sorry for the slight breakup halfway through.

If you want more on my time in the Hamptons check out my time in East Hampton here and my time in South Hampton and partying at 1Oak here.

So hard to go back to normal after feeling so cool for a hot minute!  A big thanks to Hpnotiq Sparkle for setting this up!  Bubbles for everyone this Holiday season!!!

See you in HOTlanta Khloe!

xoxo Ady

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