Abs Fave Beauty Products


Ok so I’m focusing mainly on my main mane here (did you follow that?) but I did slip in a little lip action!  I’m currently obsessing over these abs fave hair care // beauty products this month!  Because who doesn’t want this…   You know what’s amazing!?! When your beauty product favorites…

Keeping Up With Khloe Kardashian


“Have you met me before?  I haven’t, but we can be friends!”  Is probably my favorite line from the entire conversation with Khloe.                                    As you can see I had the best Monday of…

Long hair don’t care Holla for $20 dolla


I got weeeeeaaaveeee y’all!!!!  Heeeyyyyy!!! Long hur don’t cur!  So I’ve been doing this for awhile now… probably since college.  But I haven’t done it in about a year and I don’t know why!  I love it!  Long thick hair!  Umm yes please! Now I wasn’t paid or anything for…