We went KHLO-C-D


After watching Khloe Kardashian demonstrate her OCDness or her KHLO-C-D with cookie jars and all things oreos and organization (#oreoorganization) on her new app (more on her app here) I knew I had to try it!   All you need is this jar and some candy or oreos.  You can even…

Keeping Up With Khloe Kardashian


“Have you met me before?  I haven’t, but we can be friends!”  Is probably my favorite line from the entire conversation with Khloe.                                    As you can see I had the best Monday of…

My Interview with Khloe Kardashian


So my dreams have officially come true… someone pinch me… is this real life… I… like freaking little ol me… get to interview and talk to Khloe Kardashian!!! WWWWHAAAT!   I’m going to try so hard not to fangirl, faint, pee, freeze, dieeeee in front of her so I need…