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Instagram Engagement: Ten Chosen Ways To Attain It In 2021

Instagram Engagement: Ten Chosen Ways To Attain It In 2021

Are you admiring how to boost engagements on Instagram in 2021? Brands want to look into their performance statistics and track shares, saves, comments, story views, and DMs to know how they’re performing. Fortunately, it is not as hard as you might think!

Here are the ten chosen ways to boost your Instagram engagement and strategy in 2021:

Wait For The Perfect Time To Upload

Do you know that you are lowering your post engagements on Instagram by posting at the wrong time? Though there are various ways to gain Instagram engagements, uploading while your audiences are active is a great win. The algorithm on Instagram loves the post with most engagements within a short time and picks the post to the top of your fan’s feeds. To get this, track and analyze your Instagram analytics actively to fix the right time to upload. Every Instagram profile has unique followers with variant timezones, so it is a perfect way to analyze your personalized time to upload on the platform. Through this, you can get more engagements, people and develop your brand or business.

Pro Tip: Once you find what time you get the most engagement, post 30min-1hr before that and stay active on IG to warm up your account.

Frequently Analyze The New Content Types

Most of the perfect Instagram content plans come from experimentation. Testing the new content forms makes you feel daunting because you already receive better engagement from the existing content strategy. But we strongly believe: trial and error and unique content experiments are the primary key to the curve ahead and bringing a better strategy.

Try out these to encourage your engagements to the next level:

  • Test the new content: quotes, memes, UGC(User Generated Content), selfie-type video content, or infographics.
  • Examine video types like IGTV, Instagram Stories, and Instagram reels. Some businesses and brands use IGTV (long-form video content) while others still use short clips to grow their brand.
  • Work out various Instagram story types and analyze the engagements.

Remember to track your analytics on testing various content types.

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Make “Saveable” Content

Instagram shares, comments, and saves are crucial factors. A great way to gain more engagement in 2021 is to produce more unique contents that impress your audience to click the post-saving option. Saveable content is the content your audience revisits your post later. The key to creating saveable content is to provide value. Answer a key pain point your community has. Solve a problem for them.

Upload Data That Your Audience Love

Uploading personalized content is a big trend, and helps you increase engagement.  Are you ready to try the trend? Begin with your data. For instance, if you are an online seller, could you see when the audience wishes to shop? What’s the most excellent sale of the week? Which product receives high votes from your audience? Could you develop a story to share with your community with this data? Data-driven content acquires more time to execute, but it’s a great effort to raise your Instagram engagement rates. It also shows that you have buyers and builds your credibility which will in turn influence more people to buy!

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Write Long Captions

Instagram captions can be 2,200 characters long, which is a perfect spot to share information with your audience. Almost like a mini blog post. “Time spent on the post” is one of the metrics that affect your post-performance on Instagram. So an easy way to boost your Instagram engagement is by writing long captions. For that, not every Instagram caption needs to be more than a thousand words long; instead of using an emoji, write a complete sentence that brings you more engagement. Ask a question to get your community involved. Lead them to stories and have them vote. Make it more of a community feel vs self-serving.

Come Out With Your Business and Brand

The power of Instagram authenticity is enormous, and it becomes stronger now. Many businesses and brands come out and show genuine and honest parts to their business and brand. A high-grade authenticity develops a strong connection with your targeted audience, which brings more engagement. Businesses and brands use Instagram reels, IGTV, and feeds to post more about their company objectives, missions, and what they do. Nowadays, most business owners share their inner office working on Instagram, conduct live Q&A’s, and share more behind the scenes with their followers which increases the loyalty to their brand, and brand connection, and increases their Instagram engagement.

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Add a Fun Element

Posts on Instagram take time, planning, and effort to bring excellent work. But we can’t say it doesn’t have fun. Many brands and businesses add pop culture mentions and humor elements to their uploads by adding memes and viral topics to their stunning content. From adding GIFs and memes to the feeds to including filters in the stories, the engagement rate increases steadily when we upload something more fun.

Give Importance To Hashtags

Getting to know the hashtags that drive more viewers to your post is very important to boost your Instagram engagement. Track and analyze all the hashtags you use on every Instagram post. It helps you to get the right hashtags that provide more engagement. You could get more eyes on your excellent content if you use the right hashtag.

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Make Shareable Content

The user’s ability to share posts to their stories on Instagram or DMs is an excellent way that brings you more people. The primary key is to get the content that your audience loves to repost. Shareable content wants to be relevant to your audience’s needs and likes, similar to saveable content. Also, it is easy to track the post which content performs best. Make sure you have your settings on IG set to allow people to share your content and your profile is set to public.

Make More New Videos

With the birth of Instagram reels, 2020 shines as a great year for video content on Instagram. There is no wave of slowing down in 2021. Every Instagram user uses reels feature on the platform to uplift their video content. Through reels and video content, most users get more views and reach.  By providing more videos in your content strategy, you can boost more engagement on Instagram. Don’t let it be daunting to make video content; keep it fun and easy to create. Instagram reels are the perfect feature to experiment with short-term video content. There is no doubt that Instagram is more competitive, but you can still gain more engagement on IG by being creative with reels.

Pro Tip: Repurpose content across video and audio platforms but make sure to download it without the social platforms’ watermark on it. For example, don’t upload a TikTok watermarked video on IG reels.

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Begin Conversation With Story Stickers On Instagram

There are above 500 million accounts on Instagram using stories all day, and that massive number keeps growing in 2021 too! Story stickers on Instagram is a perfect way to bring your fans to converse and share their experience and opinions with you. It increases your brand visibility and connection with your audience.

     Question Sticker

Ask Me Anything(AMA) is a good way on Instagram stories to make the audience chat with you. Instagram influencers use this sticker feature to cover their audience, and why can’t you for your brand? It’s an ideal path for your fans to know more about your product and brand.

     Quiz Sticker

The Quiz sticker on Instagram stories makes you share multiple-choice questions with your fans and analyze the results. People can see that they picked the correct answer when they voted on your quiz. Also, you can see how many votes were received for each option.

There are lots of features in Instagram stories to catch your audience to build your business or brand. Each feature has its individual exposure to acquire more engagements and stay attached to your brand. Next time, while you plan and strategize your content on Instagram, incorporate these valuable tricks to see how your viewers respond. Make sure to follow Verbal Gold Blog on Instagram!

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