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Yes I’m a blogger and no, I’m not a selfish asshole.


So I’m listening to Beyonce, getting my girl boss jams on, drinking some wine (per the usual), blogging away when I hear and see people making stupid comments about bloggers. I immediately wanted to blog about why this pisses me the F off and is super stupid for people to say but then after talking with my #VGBsquad I knew I needed to take a more motivational approach instead of a rant because who even cares.  Certainly not boss ladies like yourself!

But I do want to clarify some things that I feel are misunderstood in the space. Just like owning your own business, running a blog or even just having an entrepreneurial mindset and wanting to create things has its challenges.  It takes a lot to run a company and manage a brand.  That’s right, every blogger and business out there is a brand. We’re managing social media campaigns, planning posts, photoshoots, video shoots, brand campaigns, editorial calendars, working with a team, collaborating with others, content creation, scheduling and so much more! It’s a business. It’s an income. It’s work. To run a business (blogs included) and post consistently, take time… a lot of your time, especially if you’re just starting out or in your growth phase and you’re a one man team.  You’re constantly pulled in so many different directions you really have to be adamant about managing your time wisely; specifically for those of us that have full time jobs also! I regularly work week nights and weekends.  It’s actually 3 am right now as I’m making the final edits on this post before it gets published.  Sometimes it requires long hours and late nights. Sometimes it requires saying no. Missing parties, vacations, events, functions, down time, hanging out with friends and family.  But the trade off is so worth it.

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

People should respect ( R – E – S – P – E – C – T ) your entrepreneurial spirit and go getter attitude.  You slay!  “Bow down bitches!” (Wow a Beyonce and Aretha reference in the same line haha) You’re a boss. Kat Williams says,  “If you don’t have atleast 60 haters you’re doing something wrong.”  That has always been my favorite hater quote. The one thing I hear people saying the most is, “all you care about are likes on social media” or “put your camera/phone down, be in the moment” or “what are you doing tonight? Blogging?” in the most super bitchy sarcastic condescending tone. It’s like the only insult haters can think of I swear.  People need to stop belittling bloggers. Bloggers are trail blazers.  Bloggers are hustlers.  For bloggers and businesses, engagement is your currency. It’s how we get paid.  I was recently featured in this book by Susie Moore, What If It Does Work Out: Turn your passion into cash, make an impact in the world and live the life you were born to.  It talks about creating a successful side hustle which provides inspiration, fulfillment, and cash!  I would have never had this opportunity if it wasn’t for my blog.

Chiara Ferragni’s blog became an $8M business

So F the haters, there are a ton of supporters out there, so many blog friends, blog groups, and such a huge blog community that are incredible and amazing. #sisterhoodovercompetition #VGBsquad Don’t let the few trolls that try to tear you down or make you feel stupid or shallow or vapid for sharing things with others online get to you. They just don’t understand. And as we say in the South, “Bless Your Heart.”  Which BTW is code for ‘go fuck yourself.’ (sorry mom)

Being your own boss or a blogger is the best!  Who wouldn’t want to be their own boss?  We get to have a lot of fun! Traveling the world, seeing new places, meeting new people, and getting paid to do what you love!  It’s amazing.  I love connecting with people and brands and working on different projects.  Plus I love being able to make my own schedule and be creative. But just because I’m talking to my phone (live streaming or snap chatting) in public, taking pictures of my food in public, stopping or pulling the car over to get a good shot, or doing a photo/video shoot in public doesn’t mean I’m a selfish asshole. It’s not about me! Our brand is connecting with people, bottom line, that’s what this is about.  We’re trying to create a community, a safe zone, where people can be themselves and have fun and aren’t afraid of judgement.  We’re creating a place where women help other women and send the elevator back down so to speak. Bloggers aren’t narcissistic selfish assholes that sit around waiting for likes trying to be popular on the Internet.  It’s about so much more.

“When did it become a negative thing to be empowered as a women and be self sufficient regardless of what you’re doing or how you’re doing it? The cool thing about today and the world we live in is that we’re able to monetize our lives and I think anyone would do if they had the opportunity.”

We’re the you do you generation. So do you boo. Who cares what people think.  You shouldn’t be getting slack for doing your job. Especially one we’re all so extremely passionate about. I don’t come to your job and rag on you. Don’t let people dull your sparkle.  Everyone is unique.  Everyone is special. Everyone is different. Embrace it. Don’t let people allow you to feel bad for being special and different.

Remember that you touch so many people with your stories and make it easier for others to relate and work through their own situations.  It’s the super nice notes I get from complete strangers that really make my day.  When people say that my words helped them through something or they can really relate to me even though we’ve never met is just an incredible feeling.  Like you, yes you, make such a big difference you’ll never even know the span and reach you make in the world.  Look at you “little blogger”, making a positive impact in the world.  Doing good things for other people.  Helping people. Just being yourself. Wow. What a good fucking feeling. Amiright?

So yes Im a blogger and no I’m not a selfish asshole. In the words of Beyonce.  Sorry, I aint sorry!

I’m not sorry for snapping in public.

I’m not sorry for being busy.

I’m not sorry for having my priorities straight.

I’m not sorry for being motivated AF.

I’m not sorry for carrying 2 cameras around with me.

I’m not sorry for posting to instagram in the moment or at all.

I’m not sorry for working instead of going out.

I’m not sorry for taking pictures of shit I do.

I’m not sorry for sharing my story and my journey with the world.

I’m not sorry for having blog/internet friends.

I’m not sorry – not for any of it.


Moving forward, give things a chance, try to understand and see things from a different perspective before judging or hating.  This applies to life too.  Don’t turn to hate so quickly. Try not to hate things you don’t understand -K.  That’s just ignorant. Love > Hate

The takeaway here is:
Don’t let basic bitches make you feel bad about anything! Do what you want to do! Surround yourself with people who love and support you. Find your tribe. Find your support system and you’ll win!

%22Always stay gracious best revenge is your paper.%22 - Beyonce

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What are you not sorry for?



Photos by Jennifer Oetting Photography