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clubhouse queen

How To Use Clubhouse Like A Pro

clubhouse queen

Ever wondered what it’d be like to network in your pajamas?

Probably not, but hey! It’s been a freaking weird year and anything is possible these days, am I right?

I’m obsessed with Clubhouse and I’ve spent the past months working on the ultimate guide to making the most out of Clubhouse so you can network right from the comfort of your own bed.

You can find me in the club

Honestly? I was a little bit sick of doing my hair and makeup for Instagram. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll always love IG, but Clubhouse has given me the chance to show up as I am and lean into my entrepreneurial side so much more. I love it. I was so excited to try a new app, for once. I mean, I’ve spent over 24 hours on the app. I’ve gotten to experience the good, the bad, and the ugly sides of Clubhouse and so, I decided it was about time to share my expertise using the app to help you navigate it better and become a pro in just a fraction of the time it took me!

I love seeing others succeed, and I believe there is room for everyone at the top. And just for the record – NOPE! Clubhouse is not a waste of time at all! I’ve seen new social media apps become popular for a couple of months and then quickly disappear which is always a bummer, but my prediction is that Clubhouse is NOT one of them. Clubhouse is here to stay, and Clubhouse is the ultimate tool to help you grow your business and increase your income without actually having to get dressed up and attend boring networking events. I love CH because you’re able to get straight to the point and start building a powerful network of like-minded people without having to travel and pay for overpriced networking meet-ups. Seriously, I’ve made over 5000 valuable connections in less than a month, how crazy is that?! And not just in Clubhouse but those connections have trickled over to become clients, friends, part of my IG squad, joined my email list, added me on LinkedIn and so much more.

I got an invite, now what?!

Yay, you’re in! Getting an invite to Clubhouse isn’t always easy because current members only get a few. Right now it’s iPhone only as well so sorry android users. Your time is coming soon! The app felt super intimate in the beginning but now there are over 4M members.

Once you’re in, it’s time to get navigating the app. As I said before, I’ve spent several weeks testing and learning the ins & outs of Clubhouse. I’ve become super strategic with the time I put into the app, and I want to share all my secrets with you! I recently launched an ebook where I share all my secrets to leveraging the app and making money in the process!

You’ll learn everything with it! From how to create a bio that makes you stand out, to how to find rooms and start networking, and how to how to actually capitalize from the connections you’re making.

I’ve been deemed the Clubhouse Queen (lol) so let me grace you with my knowledge. It’s fun to say this ebook is the first of its kind! The best part? It doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. In fact, you’ll get ALL my secrets for just $27!


Don’t have an invite yet?

Join my FB group, Clubhouse Creators. We have some amazing members and you can post in there if you need one!


What’s included in my Clubhouse Quickstart Guide?

  • Learn the basics first so you have a strong foundation inside Clubhouse
  • Who’s in Clubhouse & why you made the right step in getting on the app
  • Avoiding Clubhouse overwhelm
  • The exact growth tactics of how we grew our network to over 5000 incredibly valuable connections in our target audience in less than a month
  • How to navigate everything inside the app including Rooms, your Hallway, Clubs & your Calendar
  • Learn to establish yourself as an authority in Clubhouse and create your mod squad
  • Secret ways that we create conversions for ourselves using Clubhouse
  • Clubhouse Bio templates that make it easy to revamp your bio and profile picture in minutes
  • How and why you should start your own club, the benefits, and how to utilize it
  • Learn Clubhouse etiquette for being an active member in a Room and Hosting & Moderating
  • A WORD FROM THE CO-FOUNDER on what’s next for the app