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How To Change Your Instagram Story Highlights Cover WITHOUT Uploading a Story

Instagram success tips: How to change your instagram story highlights without uploading a story!

Wondering how to make your story highlights look pretty and branded?

Succeeding on Instagram has become more competitive than ever, and giving potential new followers a quick taste of what your content or brand is all about is key! When a set of new eyes stumbles across your profile, you want them to love what they see at first glance, and your story highlights are probably what they’ll see first!

Instead of leaving your highlights as is, you want it to look as good as possible. Some people choose their favorite picture from the highlight (i.e. if they’re travel bloggers and have a highlight for each country they visit), whereas others prefer to use branded graphics as their covers (like I do!), or simply create a color palette that fits their brand (I think this looks gorgeous, too!).

Cute Instagram Story Highlights Ideas

How to change your Instagram story highlights cover? Try this simple trick!

Whatever it is you choose for your story highlights, you want it to look as seamless as possible, and I’ve noticed many people upload their images/graphics as stories in order to be able to save them as highlights, but you don’t need to do that at all! There’s a VERY simple trick to get your IG story highlight looking just right without having to upload a super random image into your story, here’s how!

1.Head over to your Instagram profile and select the highlight you want to edit.

  1. How to change your Instagram Highlights Cover without uploading a story

2. Once done, look for three dots at the bottom right corner of your story.

3. Click “Edit Highlight”

4. At the top, click “Edit Cover” and pick any story as your cover, but notice how there’s a small icon to upload your own image. Click on it and select the image you want to use, save, and ta-da!

I hope this simple tutorial helps you change your Instagram story highlights without having to upload a story first! It’s honestly so much better than uploading a super random photo out of nowhere to your IG stories!

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