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How To Re-Engage Your Instagram Audience

Taking breaks from Instagram is essential for your mental health sometimes, but some of us, especially bloggers, really depend on our Instagram engagement to grow our business! If you've taken a break from Instagram, here is how to re engage your Instagram audience when you're back! #Instagram

Having your own unique Instagram strategy is so very necessary to grow your audience and increase your brand awareness. Instagram is truly a social media channel where it demands you to be social and engage with your followers.

However, sometimes it’s not possible to be always online and engage with your audience. Let’s get real, we have content to create, graphics to design, plan out marketing strategy, send emails to subscribers and so much more especially if you’re a solopreneur.

I was at the same place where I didn’t stay consistent or posted for over a month and had to re-engage my audience once I was back. It was indeed super difficult to grab their attention back but I used some tips to bring them back.

Here are some amazing tips to re-engage your audience on Instagram:

1. Be consistent, again

This tip will never ever fail to bring you authentic engagement. If you’re consistent, your audience will notice you and will share your work. This will give you more chances to get viral and increase your visibility. If you’re coming back after a long time, it’s highly recommended to post at least twice per day to increase engagement.

This includes being consistent on stories, being consistent daily, being consistent by posting at a certain time, or being consistent by having a weekly theme like Travel Thursday or Talk to me Tuesday, etc. Consistency can include a number of things. But don’t be afraid to jump right back in. Chances are your community missed you and are craving an update.

2. Share your story

To get connected with your audience, it’s important to be authentic and speak your truth. Share your story with your audience so that they feel a part of an online family. This will increase their curiosity to know more about you and they will then respond to your posts and Insta-stories.

You can tell your story through post or through your feed. Let them know who you are so they can trust you and your brand.

3. Run a challenge

The best way to engage your audience is to educate them in a fun way and organizing challenges is an ideal way to grow your audience and engage them.

Have some fun challenge for around a week or 15 days but make sure to pick something interesting for the challenge so that everyone can take part.

Communicate the details regarding the challenge early enough so that you get enough time to market about it. Also, you can add some gifts at the end of the challenge to make it super engaging.

4. Collaborate with other creators

To increase your visibility, collaborate with other creators in your niche. Share each other or run a giveaway together. This is the best way to get more eyes on your account and people will get to know about your brand as well. Know one does this better than the Hype House Tiktok crew. You’ll see them sharing each others posts on Instagram stories every day. I admire that about them and wish more people did the same!

However, make sure that you’re giving away something irresistible and fun stuff that compels your audience to engage. Reach out to your favorite brands and tie-up with them for the giveaway or you can also run it along with some other famous creators.

PS. Make sure to follow me on Instagram and come say hello

In the end, growing an audience on Instagram can be super challenging especially when you had some sort of break. However, it’s not entirely impossible to get back on track.

You will just have to throw yourself in this ‘gram game and follow all the strategies that you always have been following. Besides that, follow the above tips to re-engage your Instagram audience and gain their trust back.

I would love to know your thoughts on how you re-engage your Instagram audience. Let me know in the comments below.

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