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Bloggers need snapchat.

bloggers need snapchat

Bloggers need snapchat. (emphasis on the period)

I’m not one of those bloggers that believes in limiting social media. I agree that you should not be a part of something you’re not passionate about or particularly good at or something you see as work. For us, as an example, it’s youtube. I have no desire to be giving tutorials on YouTube (although I wish I could). It’s just not our jam. It doesn’t align with our blog. Sure we like to play on YouTube and post fun concerts and interviews here and there but we’re not out trying to drive traffic there. 

You should however be trying to connect and reach your readers and audience on all available platforms. Our party is on other social media sites – Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and SNAPCHAT! 
**Remember to use the same username/handle across the board.  More on that here!

We love snapchat! Snapchat is merely another way to connect with your followers by showing pictures and/or videos and sending those to individuals or sharing them to your ‘story‘ for everyone to see for a 24 hour period. It’s nice to put a face or a voice to a blog. Snapchat is a great way to show off upcoming blog posts, showcase sponsors you’re working with, and just get to know other bloggers on a more personal unfiltered level! It helps your readers feel like they know you and you’re able to share some BTS (behind the scenes) things you don’t normally share or post on other social media accounts. The more personal day to day events that don’t make the blog are always great to see!Besides following your friends and favorite bloggers, you can also view live events, city/around the globe snaps, and Cosmopolitans snaps which I love reading everyday!


Bonus… “ShopStyle recently announced a “Snap Hub” in an attempt to help bloggers monetize their Snapchat posts, and suddenly everyone is joining the social media platform because – money. There is no word on whether RewardStyle – the affiliate link behemoth that helped turn instagram into a liketoknowit link graveyard – is working on a similar program. Maybe now that Periscope is picking up speed RS may skip Snapchat altogether and go for monetization of live streaming video. Because everyone knows every social media platform ever anywhere must be monetized, and it’s all about who provides that capability first.”

Some favorites we love following…
@kylizzlemynizzl – Kylie Jenner obvi
@therealdrmiami  – Because this
@emilyanngemm @chiaraferragni -fave fashion bloggers
@angelalanter – makeup tips 
@thealisonshow – because she’s just funWhat do you think about bloggers utilizing snapchat? Don’t forget to add us on snap @VerbalGoldBlog!! Leave your snapchat user name below so we can connect!

xoxo Ady