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SURPRISE! The New Format on Instagram

Cha cha channnggessss.  You may still be recovering from the bomb instagram dropped last week that insta images no longer have to be square!  Yeah like whhhhaaaat!

I know I know… another social media change and you can’t even.



So you got on instagram and it felt a little off?  Welcome to …. dun dun dunnn the change!


If this is news to you and I’m breaking this info for the first time, chill out, it’s ok, repeat after me, everything is going to be okay.  

So, what do you think?  Is this as exciting as Channing Tatum in Magic Mike 2 or 

are you terrified like if Starbucks ran out of Pumpkin Latte’s in October?



Maybe you just don’t know what to expect.  Here’s what to do.  Go to Instagram, upload your photo, and pinch the image in to see it shrink before your eyes!  When you hit ok to publish it, the image will show as a square (as usual) on your profile feed but on the main instagram feed the entire image will show.  


Pretty cool!  Landscape and portrait images are welcome now!  No need to use a fancy app to fit into the insta square.

Now the big question?  Should you use it?  From the information and opinions I’ve gathered.  Use landscape if you have more to say and portrait if you have more to show!  Why?  Because landscape view will keep your comments in the same screen and portrait view will take up the entire screen.  My opinion, use it while it’s hot to get more likes and grab users attention but keep in mind the square is not out!

It’s not so bad right.  Now that epic photo you took but doesn’t size right will fit on Instagram!  Time to celebrate!  #noimagegonetowaste

Get out there and own your new instagram!  And make sure to follow us @VerbalGoldBlog while you’re at it!

Instagram head honchos have been thinking outside of the square box on this idea.  What do you guys think?



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    • haha right! I just wish you knew what the profile square image would like like so you could adjust it if you wanted. But other than that, I like it!

  • It's about dang time instagram stepped up to the plate and fixed the whole square thing! Now if they could leave my feed where it is as I'm scrolling through and not jump back to the top that would be fabulous! Great overview gurlie 🙂

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