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How to Move like Beyonce 101

Beyonce – her daddy Alabama, momma Louisiana, you mix that negro with that Creole, make a Texas bama… and not just any Texas bama but the one who carries hot sauce in her bag, has the best swag, wakes up flawless, is drunk in love and definitely (Sasha) Fierce.

The Queen of the 21st century Pop, Soul and a bit of Hop, Beyonce’s made herself into a brand millions of people worship with just a little bit of envy and a lot of awe. Everything about her oozes stardom and we simply can’t get enough. And – the girl sure can dance!

We’ve all tried to copy it but not many have succeeded… not without proper training, that is. However, they do say practice makes perfect, so we’re guessing that we could give it a go a few more times and stunt at the next outdoor Hip-Hop and R&B party. You want to give it go? Let’s!

Formation hips

We loved everything about Formation, the moves included. Although there are a few separate dance routines in the video, we’ve decided to go with the “formation hips”.

Stand with your feet wider than hip-width apart and keep your hands on the hips until you are sure enough of the hip action (you’ll be bouncing those arms around later, for sure). In a semi-circular motion, tilt your hips forward and then shift them to the right. After that, tilt your hips back, and to the left. Repeat the routine until it becomes a natural move. The next step is to circle your hips twice to the right and twice to the left. Again, repeat the dance until you become Beyonce.

Who run the world lunge

Who run the world must be one of our favorite dance routines in the whole wide world! With the army of girls all lined in a singular motion, you simply CANNOT not get excited. And try to copy them.

Stand with your feet together. Keep your legs straight while you slide your right foot out to the side and bring the left leg to form a side lunge. With your right hand, reach towards the floor (and touch it), then place your left hand on your hip.

With your arms at the sides, pull right leg in and bring to a high knee position, with arms by sides. Switch legs quickly to drive left knee up toward chest, then right, then left, then right, then… you get the gist. With this movement, you’ll get that rocky, bouncy look B and the girls have. To copy the routine altogether, slide your left leg out into a side lunge and repeat on the other side. Do this in continual movements.

Drunk in love

This is one of our favorite videos for sure! Out of all her other perfectly coordinated videos, this one seems like one where she’s having the most fun… and we want to join in!

This dance routine is your typical mix of 2-step groove and the bounce and flick: bounce down-and-up on both legs interchangeably, then do a little bounce and flick. Next, practice your pop & squat – this engages your entire torso (similar to twerking, although not as intense) – Beyonce does it often and includes it in most of her dances. The Drunk in Love routine would be nothing without the seductive drop & roll. Although Beyonce does it casually (we’re guessing due to the entire I-wanna-make-love-to-you-Jay-right-here-right-now vibe), it wouldn’t harm you to learn it, maybe take some dance classes for adults, find a local dance studio that does it and begin the training. It’ll serve you great for all other hip-hop dance routines. The rest of the video is just playing around, typical Beyonce teasing, jumping around, moving your body to the beats and… rolling in the sand (we won’t be trying this one anywhere, that’s for sure).

Don’t get discouraged if you don’t get it all straight away. After all, our Queen does this for life, so obviously, she does it perfectly. Ok, we’re off to try our dance moves and we hope you are too!