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5 Strategies To Skyrocket Pinterest Engagement

Pinterest is one of the best ways to get traffic to your blog, and if you're wondering how to make it work for you, I've got five surefire strategies that will skyrocket your Pinterest engagement and get more visitors to your blog in no time! #Blogging #Pinterest

Pinterest is the goldmine for bloggers and you seriously need to grow your Pinterest account if you wish to skyrocket your blog page views. Unlike other social media channels, Pinterest is not actually a social media channel. It’s more of a visual search engine that has its own algorithm and SEO.

Most of the bloggers take super advantage of Pinterest to get thousands of page views every month and it’s so possible to increase your engagement on Pinterest. However, with some new rules and recent changes, it has become a little tricky to grow on Pinterest but here are some sure-fire tips that will help you skyrocket your engagement on Pinterest.

5 Strategies To Skyrocket Pinterest Engagement

5 Strategies To Skyrocket Pinterest Engagement

1. Use keywords everywhere

The best way to rank your post on Pinterest is to use keywords wisely. Pinterest runs on an algorithm that favors the keyword and this could be the easiest way to show on the topmost row of the searches.

Make sure that you do proper keyword research before designing your pins. Use those keywords in your image, your board bio, and in the description to gain maximum visibility.

2. Create fresh pins

Pinterest’s new algorithm favors fresh pins so much more than repetitive ones. If you’re consistent in pinning the fresh pins daily, you will find a gradual growth in your analytics.

Create clutter-free pins and use simple fonts that can be easily read on mobile or tablet.

5 Strategies To Skyrocket Pinterest Engagement

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3. Craft click-worthy headlines

Headlines act as your first impression when your readers’ lookout for the solution to their problem on Pinterest. Make sure that you’re using catchy headlines that trigger curiosity and excitement.

Create the headings that are irresistible and your audience will be forced to click on the image to find out the juicy info. Also, do not forget to use keywords in your headlines.

4. Post at the peak hours

If you’re using a scheduler like Tailwind, it will let you know when your audience is active and engaged on the platform. When you post your pin during such hours, the chances of your pin getting viral substantially increases.

Thus, know the proper timing and pin wisely. Always remember, it’s OK if you pin less often but, it’s important that you do it efficiently. The quality always beats quantity when it comes to pinning.

5 Strategies To Skyrocket Pinterest Engagement

5. Use video pins

Pinterest rolled out this new feature which is gaining so much popularity nowadays. The video pins are given more priority than the regular, static ones and the best thing is that it’s super easy to create them.

Try out this new feature and incorporate it into your pinning strategy. I’m super hopeful about using video pins because many experts are claiming that it increases engagement and attracts new followers. Also, make sure that your video pins aren’t too long and if they are, trim them using some trimming software.

I love creating video pins in Canva because it’s super easy to use animation or search some short videos over there.

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In the end, like every other platform, it may take some time to grow your Pinterest engagement but the time spent in creating and following the pinning strategy pays so well in the end.

Do let me know about your Pinterest pains in the comments below, I’m sure I can help you out.

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