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Personality Traits All Successful People Share

The top five personality traits all successful people share? Want to be a successful person in business or a kickass boss girl? Learn to master this five personality traits and you'll be halfway there! #BossGirl

Every person has their own definition of success. It’s safe to say, most measure it in terms of wealth, money, luxury and prestige. But, is that the actual perspective of the truly accomplished individuals?

Clearly, there are other, more important aspects of success. For some, it is the ability to help those less fortunate. For others, it is the freedom to spend their valuable time. It’s up to the individual.

However, most roads to accomplishment, no matter how you’d like to interpret it, have something in common. The means it takes to get there.


Almost every accomplished individual has a deeply rooted competitive streak. The determination to win never varies, although the reasons for it do. Competitiveness is not to be confused with work ethic.

Industriousness isn’t the objective. Victory is. To pursue your dreams, you must have a competitive drive.

But, beware. Don’t compete with others. Compete without yourself. Don’t try to be better than your neighbor and don’t look up to glamorous Instagram influencers and YouTube personalities. Instead, compete with the person who you were yesterday, three months ago, or one year ago.


Having consistency will allow you to reap many rewards. And, you need the discipline to be consistent. Self-discipline is of especial importance as well.

Working hard for two weeks and slacking off for the rest of the month won’t yield great results. According to many successful entrepreneurs, the key to turning your dreams into a reality is establishing a routine. Having good habits are the place to start.

What your specific routine will depend on you. It varies from person to person. However, waking up early, reading important emails, taking half an hour to read every day, are all common traits found in many successful people.

Whatever path you take, discipline yourself and be consistent. Devote yourself to growth. This will allow you to enjoy longevity in your career, as well as accomplishment.

Of course, it takes an effort to develop self-discipline. Let’s say you want to start exercising five times a week. Think of all the great benefits you gain by doing so.

Visualize them. It is the best place to start. Discipline is hard. But is it harder to bear than the pain of regret of not doing something?

Five personality traits all successful people share

Will to Learn

Why do we learn? To improve ourselves. There is no growth without new knowledge.

But, when it comes to accomplished individuals, where does their genuine desire to learn stem from? From the fact that they are not know-it-alls!

Often, you’ll have to face yourself with your shortcomings. It’s alright not to know how to handle everything by yourself. But, instead of trying to handle everything the way you know, try to learn something that you don’t know.

Open your eyes and ears to others. Learn from every person and every situation. Admit it when you don’t know how to do something. And then, learn it! It’s all about the right approach.

When you realize you don’t know something, use the room you have for improvement. Us it as a motivator to keep moving you forward and expanding your knowledge. Learning should be a lifelong trait.

By constantly learning and improving yourself, you will become less and less dependent on others. Let’s say you are struggling to fund your business, or want to learn more about financial management. Reach out to someone who has those skills. Enroll in courses and seminars.

Try to find the best investment platform and give it a go.

People Skills

Knowing how to deal with people will get you far in life, no matter what you do. But it’s important to define people skills. It doesn’t mean being an extrovert or pleasing others.

It’s more about knowing how to listen to people, how to handle complaints and criticism from others, and knowing how to motive others and help them improve, rather than discourage them with harsh criticism.

You’re not a lone wolf, even if you’d like to be one. Your success somewhat depends on others, even though not entirely.

If you are starting your own business, you must value your employees. Encourage them to improve their skills and work on themselves. Give praise when they deserve it. Mistakes will always be made. Don’t point fingers. Work together to remedy the situation.

Five personality traits all successful people share


Where most people see problems, a successful person sees an opportunity. If you are aspiring to become a self-made entrepreneur, focus on the solution when the others are focusing on the issue.

What makes a good business? An idea that makes people’s lives better. Famous entrepreneurs have become famous for seeing things that other people were not able to see.

Try to open your eyes and think outside of the box. What new solution can you offer to the world?

Be Wary of Praise

It’s alright to praise others only when they deserve it. But, when others praise you, don’t let it get into your head. Does everyone laugh at the boss’s jokes because they are genuinely funny or because he’s the boss?

Successful people are well aware of the fact that many like them solely because of their status. If you are on the road to success and making good progress, do know that the constant phrase, support, and agreement do not constitute infallibility.


As a takeaway, a small reminder. You’re the one defining your own success. While all industrious and accomplished people share a lot of common traits, they do not live the same life. Become successful on your own terms.

The top five personality traits all successful people share? Want to be a successful person in business or a kickass boss girl? Learn to master this five personality traits and you'll be halfway there! #BossGirl