My Interview with Khloe Kardashian


So my dreams have officially come true… someone pinch me… is this real life… I… like freaking little ol me… get to interview and talk to Khloe Kardashian!!! WWWWHAAAT!   I’m going to try so hard not to fangirl, faint, pee, freeze, dieeeee in front of her so I need…

#INeedSparkle 5 Sparkle and Glam Favorites


I have a little thing for all things sparkle and glam! And by little thing I mean huge thing and by huge thing I mean obsession! Right? #INeedSparkle So I suggest listening to my new fav jam called ALL THINGS GIRLY while you read along…    Today I’m talking sparkle…

DIY Glitter Up Your Button-Down


I found this super cute DIY Glitter Button Down and it was too cute not to share! Here are 3 simple ways to spruce up your basic white button-down with nothing but glitter, painter’s tape and fabric glue! 1. Read our blog! (wink wink) As seen on  the Zoe Report…