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Blog Tips // Blog Post Planning

Staying organized is a big part of blogging. Planning out your blog posts for the week and preferably 2 weeks to a month out is a huge time saver! You will save yourself time, energy, and have less stress by being organized. 
For solo bloggers out there you can use any version of a printable blog calendar or online calendar you want. For me, my whole world is online so I prefer an online calendar. Don’t get me wrong I love writing things down but when I look back it’s just not as organized as I want it to be and I feel like I lose ideas there. But I can get my online calendar anywhere I am and not worry about where I put that sheet of paper. 
Since we have a team of 10 here at VGB the online version works best because everyone has access to the calendar and they can see what’s going to be published for the week and the open slots we have so they can save their spot on the calendar. So far this has by far been the most effective way to stay organized within our team environment. We use our gmail calendar and love it. You can even color code things, which is a big help with sponsor posts. We try to keep it to 1 blog post a day or at least 3/4 a week minimum. 
So that’s how it’s done around here! Lot’s of planning. Sometimes a little scrambling. We hope you enjoy reading this blog as much as we enjoy creating it. Thank you for stopping by—we couldn’t do it without you! I hope this was helpful but let us know if you have any questions. What are you guys using to stay on track? 
xo Ady


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