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Who needs gluten anyway


Going gluten free…. SUCKS!


I’m not talking about going gluten free because it’s “trending” or you read it in Cosmo or you’re trying to be healthy.  I’m talking to the people that went to the doctor to get their food allergies tested and they came back with a sensitivity to gluten or even worse have celiac disease.  Which is in fact what I did. 


The back story here goes a little something like this…  I hit 30 and wanted to get “in the best shape everrrrr!!!”  If you read my most popular weight loss story here you know I was getting close!  


So I got a trainer (one that comes to my house every day) and she’s amazing!  You might already know her – Jessica from Happily Hughes!  You should definitely check her out if you live in Atlanta and tell her Ady sent you!  Anyways it’s thanks to Jess that I realized I have food sensitivities.  While working out everyday and on a strict diet she let me know that my face was still looking round and puffy and that I should go get tested.  Something I had never even thought about doing before.  I mean… who knew!  So I did and the results … well… is how I ended up having to go trying to go gluten free.  



It’s not a cake walk by any means.  It’s actually awful but it gets better so I’m here to share what I’ve learned and hopefully find some other people that are going through something similar.

Common mistakes people (like me) make once they’re transitioning to gluten free.

1. Thinking that just because it’s #GlutenFree means it’s good for you.  Just because cookies, doughnuts, pasta, and chips are gluten free doesn’t mean they are healthy!  Read the label.  Same rules apply.  You can’t lose weight by eating cookies. blah.


2. Understanding what gluten actually is.  Going gluten free doesn’t mean just cutting out carbs because it’s really the casing around the wheat germ that contains the gluten and is used in most flours.  It’s actually used to bond a lot of ingredients together, such as soy sauce, meatballs, meatloaf, oats, chewing gum, blended coffee, sushi, canned soups, communion wafers, salad dressings etc… 
Being gluten free makes you feel like an alcoholic – at least until you figure out what you can eat because apparently everything has gluten in it. I was on a wine, tequila and cider diet (which also doesn’t work btw).


Losing weight is hard especially when you feel like you’ve tried everything.  Raise your hand [insert emoji girl here] if you’ve tried any of the following aka everything I’ve tried below.


The sauna 
Steam room 
Working out 
Starving yourself 
Slim fast 
Spin classes 
Personal trainers 
Gym memberships 
Poop teas (a personal fave – hah)
Arden’s Gardens detox
Blue Print or any cleanse 
Atkins diet 
Gluten free diet 
Tone it up diet 
Meal plan deliveries 
Waist trainers 
Body wraps 
Fit bit 
The armband 
My fitness pal 
Diet bet 
Instagram workouts 
Paleo diet 
Tanning (what, it makes you look thinner)
did I forget anything?
And really, all it comes down to is more calories out than in.  It’s a simple math problem but why is it so hard?  
I think it’s about time management.  Time to make working out a priority and of course eating the right foods. 
All of these weight loss plans have their moments and all of them worked. But only for a short time unless you can change your lifestyle to incorporate being healthy all the above will fail.
Recently I noticed when you hit 30 your body changes. To name a few, you have new allergies, new taste for new food and a slower metabolism. (whom whomp) Thanks old age. 
One key I’ve found to stay on top of your diet and/or food allergies is to prepare.  Keep healthy snacks on you at all times.  That way if hunger strikes you’re not in a jam.  One that I’ve found is Natural Balance Foods.  They have these amazing gluten free snack bars that are easy to throw in a bag on the go.  I like that they have a crunchy option too (my personal fave).


Another key is to do your homework and keep a cheat sheet in your kitchen.  This includes foods to stay away from, what you can eat, and substitutes!  Throw a few approved recipes in there too so you don’t get overwhelmed!
Save this post on bloglovin to see all my updates on how I go gluten free from 0 to 60 – positive reinforcement helps or tips are welcome below! From not knowing to the know how!