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The Top 16 Money Making Apps You Should Be Using Right Now!

money making apps to make money from home

You know those day time TV shows that you leave on in the background while you work.  Well turns out, sometimes they come in handy.  I overheard The Doctors talking about apps to use to make money without working and then started to search for others.  I’ve come up with this list to help you make money and recover from your holiday spending!

Check out my top 16 money making apps!


Turo is the shit!  It’s an app where you can actually rent out YOUR car!  I made $300 this past weekend just by renting out my car! Plus, you can rent other peoples cars too! I love using Turo while I’m traveling because it’s cheaper and easier than using a rental car company! Depending on the car you have you can make $150 – $500+/week!  Think about it, if you’re not using your car at work, home, or while traveling, might as well rent it out!  And don’t worry because Turo has a $1 million insurance liability policy plus 24/7 roadside assistance. If you’re in Atlanta you can even rent my car! Click to get $25 off your first trip!

You can make $150 – $500+ a week!

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2.Gigwalk / Field Agent

Gigwalk is an app that assigns simple tasks, typically from stores/brands, to people in the area.  Basically, while you’re at a store check the Gigwalk app and see if there are any gigs there.  Easy peasy. Sample tasks include, taking photos of how products look in stores or checking the price or location of a product. Users of Gigwalk can make between $3 and $100 dollars per task. From the gigs I’ve seen, at around $5 a tasks, it seems to be a small bucks app but if you do enough of them you can end up making pretty okay money in a day.  Plus they don’t take long.  Just pull up the Gigwalk  app and check the map for gigs in your area!

Field Agent is very similar!


The app Acorns helps people who use their phone to pay for items save money. If you spend $3.15 on an item, the app rounds up the cost to $4 and then invests the .85 cents into a diversified investment portfolio. The types of portfolios are based on your age and what level of risk you want with portfolio. The app can also be linked to your debit card.


This app is my favorite.  If you have a problem saving money this app is for you.  Digit analyzes your checking account to see what you can reasonably save without even noticing.  It then drafts that money out of your account into a savings account you cannot see.  Digit sends daily messages and weekly updates with your total savings.  Plus, if they see you got a big bonus or extra money in your account they will message you and ask if you can save more.

I’ve saved over $600 this month and I had no idea!

5.Taskrabbit / Postmate

Basically with these apps you can run errands and do small odd jobs or assistant work for an hourly rate.  I just had my task rabbit go to the Snapchat Spectacles store in NY (because I live in Atlanta).  She waiting in line for me, bought the spectacles, and then shipped them to me!  Pretty sweet right!

I paid her about $60 + tip for that job.  It’s a great way to make fast money.

Sign up for task rabbit here!

6.Uber / Lyft

Obviously you’re familiar with these but you can drive people in your own car for money.  Work when you want and be the CEO of your own car!


Earn gift cards, airline miles, magazine subscriptions and more for completing 15- to 20-minute surveys. Just tell the app a little about yourself to help iPoll match you to future surveys. Complete as few or as many questionnaires as you like, but the more you participate, the more you earn. Most surveys pay $1 each, according to But you can earn up to $10 on some. You can request a payout when you have $35 in your account, according to


Earn money by selling your old books. According to Huffington Post just scan or enter the barcode number to instantly compare buyback prices from leading book-buying websites. Choose the buyer offering the highest price and ship your book for free.


The new yard sale feature is legit.  Post your old furniture, clothes, whatever and sell your items to locals near you! Everyone uses FB so this is the fastest way, in my opinion, to sell your old stuff.

I sold my old refrigerator in a week and for a great price!


Earn up to 40 percent cash back every time you shop online at one of 1,800 participating retailers. Plus, you can earn up to $50 for referring two friends. Not necessarily fast cash, but payments are made every three months by check or PayPal.  This seriously works.

Granted it’s not a lot but I have made over $15 already just for shopping online (like I do anyways).

11.Clashot / Foap / MiPic

Get paid by taking photos of art, cities, food and more with your smartphone and selling them on Depositphotos. You can sell photos for 50 cents to $80, and royalties average 44 percent per sale. Register and share a photo with a complete description and a model release. Complete a quick verification process to start selling.  I saw this on Huffington Post and I’m for sure going to try this asap! I think all the bloggers out their with their amazing photography skills could do this!

The Foap app is very similar.  Selling photos for around $10 according to The Next Web.

MiPic is a similar app except it allows you to put your photo onto products and sell them!

12. Bird / Lime

Bird is electric vehicle sharing. Currently I think it’s only in major cities but cash in on this app early and sign up to be a bird charger. You get paid daily!

Sign up for bird here!


Thanks to technology you can now make money from the comfort of your own phone.  Supes easy.  What’s your favorite app you’ve been using to make money?  What’s your side hustle?


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