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7 Tips To Start and Grow Your Business on

Want to start freelancing? No matter what you do, it can probably be turned into an online job. If you're wondering where to start finding freelance gigs, here's one of the best resources to do so out there and our top tips to grow your business on Fiverr! #Freelance

We’re all stuck at home, on our phones and laptops, with a bag of potato chips next to our work stations today. There’s a lot of anxiety and uncertainty surrounding this coronavirus pandemic – when will it end? Am I safe? Will my business fail? Will the post-coronavirus economy be totally different?

These are all fair questions to ponder. Many are worried they will lose their jobs, or worse, they already have lost their jobs.

I’ve seen a massive spike in interest regarding online businesses, freelancing, and being a digital nomad since #socialdistancing set in a few weeks ago. People want to protect themselves against the spikes and surges of the worldwide economy right now. I applaud anyone who is thinking this way!

Considering 57 million Americans were already part of this freelancing gig economy before coronavirus, it won’t be a shock if that number doubles by the time we’re done with this healthcare crisis.

Therefore, now is the time to get on and start growing your own personal freelance business! Of course, this can seem like a totally new kind of professional endeavor for you, which is why I am happy to set you up with 7 critical tips when launching this online business.

I am both a Top-Level Seller and Pro Provider on I have been with them for over 5-years, I have represented them in worldwide press coverage, I have spoken on panels and podcasts regarding their platform, and I now provide free tips and information via TikTok (@alexfasulobiz) for all interested learners.

I eat, sleep, and breathe Fiverr. Here’s what I know on how to grow your business on Fiverr:

  1. You MUST Plaster Your Face All Over Your Gigs: Too many people are camera shy or afraid to put their imagery out on the internet. I hate to break it to you, but anyone can learn anything about you in just a few minutes using Google. Don’t be camera shy when it comes to Fiverr. You MUST put your face on the cover of your gigs (Fiverr lingo for the service you offer).

Why is this so important? Fiverr has spam problems from time to time, which is why some buyers can be untrusting. They want to know you are who you say you are. One of the easiest ways to know this is by visiting your profile and seeing 5-6 different photos of you right on your gig covers.

  1. Please Fill Out Your Entire Profile: Fiverr has come a long way since I first got on there with regards to your profile. You can fill out your tagline, description, services, as well as credentials, education, projects, and affiliate platforms. Please take your time to do all of these things. If you are providing services in a department that has tests (I can take language tests as a writer), please take AT LEAST one test and present the results on your profile. If you don’t perform well on the test, take it again. All of this will encourage buyers to trust you.
  1. Open at Least Three Gigs When Starting: When you walk into a store, you’re more likely to shop around if the shelves are stacked versus stuffy boutiques with just two things on their hanging racks, right? The same psychology applies to Fiverr. Start out offering at least three different gigs to your potential buyers. They will see you as more professional and legitimate – like someone who is already very familiar with the platform.
  1. Your First Reviews Are Critical: The first 50-100 reviews on any gig are critical. Having a 4.9 or 5-star average on your gig by 100 reviews will make it virtually impossible for future 1-star reviews to tank it. However, if you get a 1-star review in the beginning, your average will be pulled down low enough where no one will ever book you. Therefore, you MUST go above and beyond in these first orders. I worked my ass off for a few years to get solid review averages established. Now I am reaping the benefits – but it wasn’t without thousands of hours of hard work. 

Ask your first buyers, “Is there anything else I can do to ensure you are completely satisfied with the final delivery?”

  1. Always Include Add-Ons: Back to the notion of shopping for options, every gig you open should have the three-tier structure, as well as AT LEAST three add-ons. This provides buyers with not only three-tiered bases but also three add-ons they can add to each tier. They now have a ton of variety and the ability to solve multiple problems in one single order. Who doesn’t love a one-stop-shop?

Freelancing helps you work from home but also from all over the world!

  1. Respond to Inquiries Within 2-Hours of Receiving Them: Although I no longer have Fiverr notifications sent to my phone (I’d never sleep), I did for the first few years. You want to make sure your response average is below 2-hours. This tells buyers you are there, attentive to their needs, and able to help with rush orders. A ton of buyers are in a pinch and need things done in 24-hours. If you catch them at the right time, you will not only get their order, but you will also make extra money from a rush order (you can add rush order fees to each gig). What’s not to love about that? Fiverr app notifications make it easy for you to stay on top of correspondence.
  1. Make Sure You Are Passionate About Your Gigs: If you open up Fiverr services strictly based on money and not on passion, you are not going to last. It’s hard work at first – that’s the key to grow your business on Fiverr. You won’t make a ton of money (it definitely does pay off after one-year, though), you will be answering a lot of questions, and you will be going above and beyond for 5-star reviews. Therefore, you need to be PASSIONATE about what you offer. I love writing. I love writing so much that I don’t mind when a buyer is totally rude to me after I complete an order for them. We all know the saying, “love what you do and you’ll never work a day in your life.”


Lastly, I urge everyone reading this to be patient when you start to grow your business on Fiverr. Rome wasn’t built in a day. The more patience you have with it, the bigger the payout in the future. Open a Fiverr profile right now. You have nothing to lose, yet the possibility of total autonomy over your future and your income. That’s a pretty good trade deal, don’t you think?

If you want step-by-step instruction, video guides, and checklists that will ensure you are successful on Fiverr today, check out my comprehensive online course here! It’s titled The Profitable Writer.

What are some other great tips that have helped you grow your business on Fiverr?

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