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How to Entertain Kids During Quarantine

Wondering how to entertain your kids during quarantine? If you need a few tips or activity ideas on how to keep your children busy while the whole family is stuck at home, here are our top activity ideas that they'll love!

Being stuck at home with your best friend or partner is stressful enough, but being quarantined with the whole family is a whole new level! Juggling keeping up with house tasks PLUS a work from home to-do list AND having to entertain young kids at the same time seems impossible right now, but we gathered up a few ideas on how to entertain kids during quarantine to help you stay sane during these difficult times.

How to Entertain Kids During Quarantine

Play with toys

Playing toys will not only keep your child entertained but also helps their imagination, social skills, and motor skills. Just make sure that these toys are safe and match appropriately with their stages of development and emerging abilities. Get those cars and bring out those Barbies. It may make a mess, but it will buy you some time.

Feed them healthy snacks

Keep your children’s hunger at bay with healthy snacks. Most of us probably agree that as adults, we are solely responsible for our children’s diet. Feeding them snacks not only keeps them from getting hangry (hunger+anger), it also gives them something to do. But remember to give them quality, healthy snacks instead of those empty calories. Win-win!

Have a picnic in the backyard

Without a doubt, outdoor activities and kids naturally go together. Have some me-time while your children dig in the dirt and play in the grass. Go whip out that picnic basket filled with sandwiches, drinks, and healthy snacks. It’s a simple, quick, and fun activity with the whole family.

Have an arts and crafts session

Crafts are a great stay at home activity for children!

Nurture your children’s creative spirit! Not sure what to make? There are tons of videos on Youtube ranging from making slime to creating a paper-mâché. Keep these handy — construction paper, markers, crayons, colored pencils, glue sticks, and scissors. It’s something your children will surely love.

Fly a kite

Children absolutely love flying kites! Aside from that, the thrill of getting their kite up into the air is enchanting to them. You can always pick one up at the nearest store or you can make one from items in your home. It’s a classic activity that’s perfect for bonding and spending time with family.

Read a book

Mothers are often bombarded with the importance of books. This is very critical since reading to children sets the tone for later independent reading. Read to them often and choose regular times to read. Hook both girls and boys with picture books. These types of books are more fun and engaging for children.

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Mess around with doodling

Got plenty of scrap papers lying around the house? Let your children put their ideas and thoughts by doodling. This is not a wasteful activity! Turns out, doodling proves to build memory power, improve focus, and enhances creativity. Not only that, but it also helps children express their emotions. Keep calm and let your children doodle!

Do a science experiment

Children are born scientists. They are always experimenting. If your child is aspiring to be one, there are many fun and safe science experiments you can do at home. Thanks to common household ingredients! It’s an entertaining way to introduce children to basic scientific concepts.

Get them in the kitchen

Cooking is probably one of the best things to do with children. Get the little ones involved in the kitchen and turn them into little chefs. There are so many easy and fun recipes you can try. Getting them to help you now means they will learn to master a few basic skills. Not to mention, we can provide them rich gastronomic experiences!

Plant flowers in the garden

Cultivate meaningful and fun learning with your children by gardening. For children, growing plants makes them feel ecstatic especially if they watch their plant become bigger in front of their eyes. If you don’t have a garden, no worries! You can always use small pots or window boxes. It’s a great chance for your children to learn where food comes from and the importance of the environment in everyday life.

Get them moving

Keep those muscles moving! Playing sports is beneficial for your children. Aside from developing physical skills, children learn to be in a team and improve their self-esteem. There are so many sports to play but considering the quarantine period the whole world is experiencing now, you can always opt for simple games like throw-and-catch on the grass or even badminton. It’s the perfect avenue to promote health and wellness within the family while also being a great way to entertain kids during quarantine.

Schedule a Movie Night

Host your own movie at home and get ready for a fun family night! Pop a bag of popcorn and cuddle with your children. If you’re up for something with a twist, try dressing up according to the movie you’ll watch. You can also make it official and let your children create invitations for every family member. But hey, comfortable seating is a must! Encourage your family members to bring pillows and bean bags if you have one.

Get into painting

Paining is a great way to entertain kids during quarantine!

Let me guess your reaction: Ahhh painting! It’s so messy! But what if I tell you this, there’s a way! Let me cut to the chase, get a big-sized Kraft paper or if you don’t have one, you can always use old towels or shower curtains. Line the surfaces to prevent paint from getting on the wall and floor. Clever right? After they are done, create a “mini-gallery” in the hallway. In that way, they sense a feeling of pride for their awesome work.

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Indoor camping

All parks around the world are closed now because of the pandemic, but at home camping is a great way to entertain kids during quarantine! Parents have been setting up their tents indoors in an attempt to recreate camping. Don’t have a tent? Even better! Let your children design and build their fort. All you have to do is gather pillows, blankets, sheets, and chairs. This will surely keep them busy for several hours.

Set up a treasure hunt

Turn your home into a wilderness with hidden treasure and your children as pirates. Treasure hunting is a classic but it requires more preparation to achieve a fun and successful game. To start off, adults need to write down clues, then distribute them so that one clue leads to another, culminating in some “treasure” at the end. It’s pretty easy and could last for a few hours depending on how many items there are. Your children will love the thrill!