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10 Indoor Activities For High Energy Kids

Stuck at home with children? If you're currently in quarantine with high energy kids and you need to get some work done, too, here are a few activities for high energy kids at home that they'll love!

Kids are at that stage in life where they are bubbling with lots of energy. When schools are open, you might not take too much notice of this but now that everyone is stuck at home, you have to offer them a way to release this energy, or risk going insane by yelling at them repetitively. Your kids do not have to be depressed and anxious as we await this pandemic to be over.

Even though they cannot go out anymore, the following indoor activities will surely keep them well-grounded.

10 Indoor Activities For High Energy Kids

indoor Activities For High Energy Kids

Hula hoops

This is a great energy-intensive game and a favorite one for the girls. You just need to get a few plastic hoops and create some space in the living room. Let everyone join in the fun by being competitive. Set a prize for the winner.

Play hide and seek

This popular game will keep your kids preoccupied for a long time. If you are not so busy, join in the game to make it more exciting. You should alternate though players and seekers, just to make it more interesting.

Substitute balls with balloons

We are afraid of kids running around the house, knocking fragile things over and breaking them. Maybe it’s best to put away that beloved-but-super-delicate vase for some time. If your kids love playing soccer, let them do it in the house – but with balloons instead of real soccer balls. The chances of a balloon breaking the screen of your precious TV are quite low and the kids will have their fun.

Dance competitions

What better way to pent off energy than through dancing to their favorite music? Kids love anything that brings fun to their lives and music and dancing are high on that list. It also releases the ‘feel-good’ hormones, making everyone feel good afterward.

Have high energy kids at home? Dance competitions are a great activity to keep them busy!

Obstacle courses

This is our favorite indoor activity because we are only limited by our imagination. You can use whatever you have – pillows, cushions, chairs, even mattresses- to make a great obstacle course. Let the kid crawl, jump, solve puzzles, or do whatever they need to do to finish the course. It will be engaging and time-consuming.


Bring out all your plastic cups and have a great bowling game right there in the living room! Place these cups in the form of a pyramid for better effect. Even plastic bottles can do the trick. Use a tennis ball like a bowling ball.

Basketball in the garage

You can convert your garage into a play area. There is so much you can do there but if you are looking for a high-energy activity, you can fit in a basketball hoop and enjoy shooting some balls.

Scavenger hunt

This activity works better outside, especially if you live near the wild or a park. However, you can improvise inside the house and send your kids on a hunt all over the house. Leave them clues here and there and time how fast they can find all the pieces.

Create a race track

This is the time to put all the toys your kids have into good use. Now that they cannot go outside, create a race track for them using painter’s take and lots of creativity. Make it as engaging as you can and they will be crawling all day long.


This is another game that is sure to bring excitement to your kids and make getting stuck indoors a little more tolerable. You can create simple hopscotch along the corridor using colored painter tapes. Join them now and then. Form a competition and have a prize for the winner.

What are some other indoor activities for high energy kids that have worked for your family? Let me know in the comments section below!

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