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How to Throw a Summer Party like a Pro

You know those people who always organize memorable parties that you keep dreaming about for months after they’re over? Well, summer is pretty much the best time for that kind of an event because the weather is great, people are relaxed, and all you need to do is arrange a few important details if you want to wow your guests. Be the perfect host and create a summer party that’s going to be the talk of the town by following these simple tips.

Take advantage of the sunshine

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, everything around you is bright and vivid and then you decide, to hell with that, I want to celebrate in a cave. Why? It’s summer! People wait for the summer all year long, so why wouldn’t you use this opportunity to celebrate outside? A pool party, or a garden party are the perfect way to have fun, or maybe even a picnic party if you want to play some sports in the nature. Of course, if the temperatures are dangerously high then you absolutely should stick to indoors. We assume you don’t want your guests to faint.

Start planning well in advance

The biggest mistake people make when organizing a summer party is that they start way too late and then it all turns into a very stressful affair. But if you start a month in advance, or even more if you’re inviting a huge number of people, you’ll breeze through it and be able to deal with any arising issues with ease. Pick the theme of the party, then think about the decorations and the color scheme. This is the time for some bright, bold color schemes – think magenta, poppy and yellow, or something like aqua and cherry red. Fresh flowers and hanging decorations, it’s not hard to make it beautiful. Or maybe your only goal is to have fun and you don’t want any decorations. That’s fine too, summer is perfect for minimalism because you’re already surrounded by brightness and beauty.

Food and drinks for every taste

Practically the most important thing for any party – good food and plenty of booze will lift the atmosphere. Summer food should be light, but if you plan your summer party to last a while, do make sure that your guests can have a proper meal. Sushi is pretty much perfect for the occasion, but since it’s hard to make your own, it’s not a bad idea to consider some good sushi catering, or to hire a sushi chef to come to your place. As for the booze, you probably want plenty of alcohol, so beer is a must, but it would be sad to waste the chance to serve cocktails. Think about it – fun, colorful cocktails to make your guests feel fancy and have them enjoy the party even more. Of course, make non-alcoholic beverages available, because there will always be people who need to drive back home, or those who just don’t drink alcohol. Luckily, fresh, cool lemonade is easy to make.

Easy entertainment

You could make it really simple and just include good music and a dance floor where people can rock, or maybe you want to go all in and hire a band. You don’t really need anything complex, summer is fun on its own, you just want people to relax enough so they could have a good time. Make a mixtape with the biggest summer hits to make people start moving, and decide on a few party games that could break the ice. If you’re partying outside, then summer sports aren’t out of the question, so bring a rugby ball and enjoy some activity.

The last thing you need to remember is to just be careful with the heat. If it’s a hundred degrees outside, then you either need to have air-conditioned rooms, or at least plenty of shade where your guests can cool down. Make sure everyone has enough water to drink, but otherwise just have as much fun as you can and make this summer the most memorable one yet.