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Eat. Beach. Party. Repeat: 13 Reasons Hangout Music Festival is THE BEST OF ALL TIME!

hangout music festival travel blogger

It’s time to hang loose as the live music and ocean waves from Hangout Fest drown out all of your previous festival experiences. Grab your Corona and lime as we dive into the top reasons the  Hangout Fest has stolen the hearts of free spirits and beach lovers within the festival world! This festival is truly, THE BEST MUSIC FESTIVAL OF ALL TIME! We’ll be attending again this year and bringing you all the behind the scenes action and live interviews with the bands! 

Check out my 13 reasons why this festival is truly, THE BEST MUSIC FESTIVAL OF ALL TIME!



Sugary white sand, emerald green waters, and subtle sea breezes, mixed with A-list live music performances and fish tacos on the beach?! Does it get any better?! No Way! This is why we’re hooked on Hangout Fest and keep coming back year after year.

hangout music festival travel blogger

Image by @LuluDropo

2. Beach Access

We’re so glad Hangout came to their senses and finally allowed access into the Gulf of Mexico! Three years prior, this was strictly prohibited and beach security was on lockdown. Wave jumping and body surfing is a game changer as far as the festival experience goes! Enjoy swanky cabana style service at the Bud Light Beach with a glass of champagne that will be served directly to your umbrella chair. Or take the kayaks and water sports out at the Beach Club! Just don’t swim past the 2nd sand bar! Sharks… eeek! 

3. No Shoes, No Shirt, Just Tan Lines

At Hangout Fest, there’s no need to get your bikini in a wad from the fashion police or preppy festival style. All you need is your bathing suit and a tan. Rock the bod you’ve been working hard to build all winter long! Living in your bikini for 4 days straight is perfectly acceptable. To resist sunburning, check out our Atlanta local favorite spray tanning service before you leave town, Mist Boutique Tan.

hangout music festival travel blogger

Image by @LuluDropo


4. Up Close & Personal

Arrogantly shabby and located off the beaten path, Hangout Fest is about 40,000 people strong which is tiny compared to most major festivals. Purposefully intimate, the smaller crowd leads to a more relaxed experience and the opportunity to see your favorite acts up close.

hangout music festival travel blogger


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5. Luxurious Beach Accommodations

Hangout is not a camping festival, thank God!  After a long day layered in sunblock, sand, sweat and salt water, you will appreciate the opportunity to shower and sleep in a real bed!  Wake up from a good night’s sleep (if the party ever ends) and fix yourself a hearty bacon, egg, & avocado sandwich before hitting the beach! 

6. The Malibu Beach House

The Malibu Beach House is one of my favorite stages to let loose and jam! Located right next to the water, you can dance within an arm’s length of the DJ’s who’ll be spinning everything from tropical house to transcendental bliss all weekend long! There’s a chance you’ll be in a dance trance for hours here.

hangout music festival travel blogger

Female DJ Jack Novak last year 2016. Pic by @LuluDropo

7. Brush Shoulders With The Artists

Get ready to be treated like royalty as an artist with a fresh oyster bar, dazzling art installations, scrumptious seafood, and unlimited Tequila Sunrises that make this festival a favorite among the musicians. Artists tend to hang around the festival after their set to soak it all in. In 2015 the Foo Fighters threw an after party on the beach after the festival, which we may or may not have attended!

Matthan from @CagetheElephant preparing for their show at last year’s Hangout Fest! Please do yourself a favor and see them live, unbelievable!

I still cannot believe I met BORNS (my absolute favorite artist) just by chance, after his set in 2016 while walking to the main stage!


hangout music festival travel blogger

8. VIP Unlike Any Other

VIP tickets are 120% worth the steep price increase, if you can swing it. The VIP viewing area is better than Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza, Coachella, Firefly, and ACL combined! You have access to a side stage swimming pool, fit for cannonballs or relaxing in giant donut or unicorn floats. You’re served free drinks from the open bar, gourmet food, with ping pong tables, hammocks, incredible views of the festival’s headline performers, air conditioned lounges and upscale bathrooms with full length mirrors!–7N-fV/?taken-by=voiceofvictoria&hl=en


 9. Smooth Cruising

Biking to the festival is super fun! If your crew isn’t too big, we suggest bringing your bike! It’s so convenient when heading to and from the festival as long as you are staying within a 5 mile radius.

10. Camp Hangout and The Big Tap

Hangout Fest is really one giant summer camp for adults! Get your game on in a round of beach volleyball, play tug-o-war, race your friends on a giant obstacle course or refresh your vocal chords with a classy craft brew at The Big Tap. Also, you really don’t want to miss the ferris wheel views at sunset.

11. Smooch a Pooch

Puppies playing on the beach?! Is there anything cuter?! As if your happy vibes aren’t already in overdrive, this year you’ll have a chance to Smooch a Pooch at the Puppy Kissing Booth presented by Surf Style. All proceeds benefit the Baldwin County Humane Society.

12. Insane Fireworks Finale To “Sweet Home Alabama”

Every year Hangout Fest ends the festival with the southern classic, “Sweet Home Alabama” and a killer firework show. Bittersweet it is. 

13. The Flora-Bama After Party

The Flora-Bama, where you can drink in two states at once, is infamously known for their Mullet Toss at the beginning of May that attracts thousands of people – celebrities included! Send your taste buds into overdrive with a frothy Bushwacker, similar to a chocolate milkshake topped with 151. This specialty cocktail was made famous throughout the US in a neighboring town, Pensacola, FL. Try it for the first time at the Flora-Bama.

hangout music festival travel blogger

We hope you can make it to Hangout 2017! If not, be sure to tune in with us on our social channels @VerbalGoldBlog throughout the weekend! We will be taking you behind the scenes of the festival, bringing you LIVE interviews with the hottest up and coming artists of 2017!

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