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7 Things To Do Every Evening To Boost Your Confidence

Real confidence doesn't show up overnight, but we can take baby steps to slowly boost our self-esteem and self-love. What you do on a daily basis matters, so we crafted a perfect night self-care routine that will boost you confidence in no time!

Real confidence doesn’t come overnight, but there are definitely things we can do at the end of every day that will slowly get you there. Evenings are such an important part of the day – we are closing down a mini chapter of our lives, and how we choose to spend that time can definitely have a huge impact on how the following day will go (don’t believe us? Try going to bed past midnight before an important exam!).

With that said, we’ve put together a list of ideas that you can do every evening to boost your confidence and have you feeling your best!

7 Things To Do Every Evening To Boost Your Confidence


 Things To Do Every Evening To Boost Your Confidence

Journaling every day is such a powerful way to understand yourself better. Not only will putting down your thoughts on paper help you process them better, but it will also help you make better sense of your needs, wants, and feelings.

Even if you’re not currently going through any major struggles or life changes, even writing down the things you loved about your day or aspects of your life you’re grateful for is an amazing way to appreciate life more.

You don’t need to sit down for hours and write an entire essay on your day, but the simple act of dedicating as little as ten minutes to writing down your thoughts is an amazing act of self-care.

Establish a self-care routine

Self-care is the new buzzword, and that’s only because it’s the single most amazing thing you can do for your confidence. Take a moment to think about the things you do that make you feel good and plan a little self-care routine that you stick to every evening before you go to bed. A self-care routine can look however you want it to look like – from a thorough skincare routine to a long bath with a good book in hand or going for a walk. If I’m in a bad mood, my self-care routine is an automatic feel-good pick me up.  I think it’s the act of taking care of yourself, making yourself a priority, and the “me time” that improves your mood.


 Things To Do Every Evening To Boost Your Confidence

Meditation is proven to reduce stress, anxiety, and have a positive effect on your health and self-esteem, so make sure you do it every evening! Nope, you don’t have to sit down for an hour to meditate every evening. In fact, a short 10-minute meditation session is more than enough to boost your confidence as well as help you spent time with yourself and your feelings.

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Listen to an empowering podcast

Who doesn’t feel like a go-getter after listening to an inspiring podcast? Not only will listening to the success stories of like-minded people lift up your confidence, but it can also give you a new perspective on how to approach your dreams. We highly recommend going for podcasts hosted by inspiring women for your daily dose of female empowerment!

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Craft your affirmations

The way we speak to ourselves matters a lot, so make sure that every single thing you tell yourself is both productive and worthwhile.

Affirmations are positive sentences that can help you challenge negative thoughts. If you repeat them often, you’ll start to believe them and you’ll soon notice the positive changes in both your life that will stem from that.

Every evening, repeat positive affirmations to yourself and you’ll instantly notice a confident boost. Talk to yourself as though you are your best friend! I cannot stress this enough. I strongly believe in manifestation and how thinking positively while putting positivity into the universe improves your life.

Plan your day

 Things To Do Every Evening To Boost Your Confidence

Have you ever felt as though you’re going through the motions of life without really feeling it? Or maybe as if you’re just doing everything on auto-pilot and feeling constantly overwhelmed?

Taking a moment every evening to plan your day and set goals is a really powerful way to set an intention and have a clear map of what you want to achieve the following day. Not only will it help you stay focused, but it will also help you approach your tasks with more intention.

Tip: Make sure these goals aren’t all about work, but also plan fun things like the meals you’ll eat and what you’ll do after work. Include your self-care routine here, too!

Dress your best

This might sound strange, but looking your best is a surefire way to help you feel more confident, so make sure your evening outfit is on point. Get yourself a pair of cute PJs or loungewear (softness and comfiness are both a must), so you can feel cute for yourself before you go to bed!

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Praying is a great way to let go of your problems and put them in God’s hands. Knowing there is a higher power that has your back and has a plan for your life should help you have all the confidence in the world. Stay close to prayer and to God.

What are some other things to do every evening to boost your confidence?