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My Skin Transformation and Skincare Routine

It’s so important who you choose for your skincare needs. I mean this is your face. Your money maker. It’s best to leave it in good hands. So I chose Bella Med Spa in Atlanta. They’ve been in business for over 10 years, own the most lasers in Atlanta, offer a layered laser approach that no one else offers, and really take a customized approach to skincare that I deeply appreciate. Because no two faces share the same issues.  Bella has 11 exclusive laser treatments and 350 unique services!

Head to my Instagram story highlights tab labeled “Skincare” to see all the behind the scenes and the services in action!

Bella offers a monthly membership which is ideal for monthly service. I also love Bella because I’ve gotten to know the owner quite well and she is super sweet. What I’ve learned this year is that who runs the business is just as important as the business services and offerings. From now on I’m only supporting businesses that have good people running the ship. She’s a philanthropist that supports the same causes I believe in, is caring, passionate about transforming your skin, and genuine.

It’s one of those places that you can walk in without any makeup on and not feel judged. That’s pretty important to me living in Atlanta, home of the Buckhead Betty. It’s a comfortable boutique spot that has really taken care of my skin and helped me get my glow back after pregnancy.

Products + Skincare Routine

My Skin

My skin is currently dehydrated and stressed. I’m a picker so I have acne marks occasionally from digging into pores and looking for baby hairs. I also have melasma on my forehead – thanks hormones. Now that I’m in my 30s I’m dealing with aging skin, texture issues, those little fine lines that I absolutely can’t stand but can see in my magnifying make up mirror (sorry Alethea, I bought another one), and skin tone.

So each service that I do is to combat those issues. Obviously the goal here is to reverse the signs of aging and fight it moving forward.


So let’s dive in so I can show you what I’ve done and my skin transformation!

You can find the services mentioned in this post along with others on the Bella Med Spa Atl website.

The Flawless Finish Makeover

After pregnancy, I had melasma pretty bad on my forehead and my chin area (the hormonal zone) was breaking out. Alethea suggested The Flawless Finish Makeover, a 2 step layered laser approach to a new you. It even includes a Bella collagen facial 7 days after! It’s wonderful for acne, sun spots, scars, wrinkles, & texture. The goal is to transform your skin quickly with no pain and little downtime. 

For step 1, Bella utilized an exclusive layered laser approach & a “secret” prescriptive treatment she uses to wow you with results! I would describe it as an eraser. Like a restart button for your face. Which is what I desperately needed. 

Your skin is peely for a few days and all your problem areas come to the service. Then, you go back for the second step 5 days later for a hydrafacial, microdermabrasion, or dermaplaning (remember it’s customized) to remove the dead skin cells and reveal new baby soft fresh looking skin! It’s a complete transformation. I noticed that it evened my skin tone, fixed my texture issues, my melasma is gone, reduced my pore size, and added hydration.

I would definitely recommend doing this once a year. I’ve never been able to go without makeup…ever! But after this facial, I walked right out of there with my glowing new babyface so happy! My skin has never looked so good after this flawless facial.

After my Flawless Finish Facial, my goal was to maintain my new glowy skin. So I go in monthly to try new facials which have been super fun and much needed relaxing me time.


Dermaplaning is a great service to get individually or with a facial as well. I’m obsessed with it. It helps those expensive products and serums penetrate deeper. It removes soft facial hair that traps dirt and oils, promotes smoother skin, removes dead skin cells, reduces the appearance of acne scars, diminishes the look of fine lines, and is great for all skin types!

Diamond Jellymask

Jellymasks feel like a Mrs.Doubtfire face. Like a legit rubber mask over your face. It’s the weirdest but coolest feeling ever. They don’t hurt like peel-off masks because they are super hydrating.

There are a ton of different kinds but I got to try the diamond one. You can’t tell from the photo but there are tons of sparkles in it! Perfect for brightening, fine lines and wrinkles, and uneven skin color. It’s great for dull, sensitive, or aging skin.

Diamond Minerals: Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Completely hydrating and aids recovery for the skin. Rich in minerals, it restores skin tone, cleanses and detoxifies. Hydrolyzed Collagen: A mixture of small peptides, break down into much smaller fragments, able to penetrate the skin’s surface. Firm the skin and reduce the effects of aging as the collagen is absorbed by the skin.
Arbutin: A natural double action whitening agent. Inhibits the formation of melanin pigment by inhibiting Tyrosinase activity. Rosacea/spot treatment & Inflammation.


Jellymasks are made mainly of refined alginate. They contain much more alginate than regular rubber masks. That’s why Jellymask texture is like jelly, which provides extra full hydration and instant cool and soothing effects all at once. Also, they create completely a silky soft, vacuum-like seal over the skin. This function is the most important! Under the vacuum seal, the mask pushes hydration and nourishing ingredients (from the mask and also other previously applied skincare ingredients still remaining on the skin) deep into the skin. This is why they suggest using Jellymask for 15-20 minutes near the end of a skincare protocol in order to push all applied nutrition into the skin perfectly.

The Manuka Honey Mask

“Celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow and Scarlett Johansson credit Manuka Honey for their great complexions, while tennis star Novak Djokovic says it gives him a boost on the court. There’s a good reason for that. Doctors and researches (as far back as 30 years ago) have found that Manuka Honey has unique bioactive properties not found in traditional honey. Scientists believe the bioactive properties support and boost the body’s own immune system, resulting in benefits ranging from fighting the common cold, to wound care treatment for antibiotic-resistant skin infections.” – Bees and Trees

Manuka honey is specialty honey from New Zealand that is getting all kinds of hype right now. Even Kourtney Kardashian says she slathers the stuff on her face and lips. It’s so Kourtney because manuka honey has a ton of health benefits. They are legit. There are claims that it might actually help you sleep better and sniffle less. Plus, it might also help you get rid of your zits.

Benefits include: Control excess oil, clean pores, diminish blemishes and soothe dry red irritated skin, acne, and eczema to name a few.

Bella Med Spa has a medical-grade super potent one you just can’t buy over the counter so I’d definitely recommend getting a manuka honey mask if you want to reap any of the benefits above. I’m a picker so this mask was great for me to heal my open wounds and pick spots. It definitely soothed my irritated skin and helped to heal my acne spots.

<h2 id=”thermi” style=”text-align: center;”>Thermi Smooth

Bella’s Lux Thermi Smooth™  treatment, is a device designed to provide non-surgical gradual skin tightening from head to toe. This newly-developed radiofrequency device can be used to help with texture issues, cellulite, laxity, and stubborn areas of fat on the body with no downtime involved. 

The Lux Thermi Smooth™ treatment works by gently warming the skin’s tissue to contract collagen molecules and stimulate their production, while also reducing fat resulting in younger, smoother and healthier skin. Lux Thermi Smooth™ is FDA approved medical laser is nearly 100 times stronger than any device available with built-in temperature regulator to allow for precision heating to the target area to ensure optimal results!

These come in packages of 5 treatments. I’m still doing mine so it’s too soon to say if I recommend this or not. They also say you can expect continuous improvement up to 10 months after the last treatment.  So I’ll keep you posted!

Green Goddess CBD Facial

Lab derived medical-grade THC free CBD oil is the cornerstone of this balancing & healing facial treatment exclusively available at Bella Medspa. The first CBD facial in Atlanta!

The skin is deep-cleaned with a medical skin spatula, exfoliated through Diamond Microdermabrasion, then hydrated with high-potency cannabidiol (CBD) and sweet almond oil mask to soothe away dehydration, lines, inflammation, & heal acne penetrated with our jade rollers!

Designed to tackle compromised, inflamed, dry skin including post sunburn, rosacea, acne, & those wanting a deep glow and balanced tissue.

Aquagold Bella Rx

I’ve gotten this before but it’s been a few years. However, it’s next on my list! I’m obsessed with Aquagold. It’s photoshop in a bottle with no pain or downtime! Bella uses an exclusive prescription formula of B12, Hyaluronic filler, & Botox to close pores, brighten, tighten, hydrate and make your skin look photo ready! It’s legit you guys. I’ve been counting down the days to be able to get this since I was…ya know…pregnant. The wait is almost over!

Products + Skincare Routine

8-in-1 Bioserum from Defenage

Eight and one is an awesome new serum for repairing and protecting tissue that’s highly anti-inflammatory so wonderful for anti-aging and healing.

This remarkably smart formula from Defenage seems to understand your skin’s needs better than your own DNA. Designed to activate, orchestrate and energize, this biologically-advanced concentrate is infused with the highest daily percentage of Age-Repair Defensins™. Results are equal to 8 separate serums.

DefenAge 8-in-1 BioSerum contains ingredients that are clinically proven to rejuvenate and restore vitality to skin. Niacinamide soothes and promotes microcirculation, while a select blend of peptides and proprietary Defensins smooth fine lines, brightens hyperpigmentation and firms skin for an improved facial contour.

  • Combines ingredient technologies equal to 8 separate serums
  • Smooths wrinkles, calms inflammation and boosts collagen production
  • Fragrance- and paraben-free. No animal- and human-derived ingredients. Not tested on animals.

Alpha-Defensin 5 – An amino-acid based, synthetic form of the body’s naturally produced alpha-defensins, that work to facilitate the production of new skin.

ALASTIN SKINCARE Restorative Skin Complex with TriHex Technology®

It helps to restore and maintain skin health for a vibrant, youthful appearance. Emollient formulation with key ingredients to help volumize and lift aging skin. Synergistic ingredients help to combat all visible signs of aging.

  • Helps support the skin’s natural ability to produce new, healthy elastin and collagen
  • Restores volume to plump up thinning skin
  • Improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Potent antioxidants help protect the skin from further damage
  • Helps even skin tone 

ALASTIN SKINCARE® TransFORM Body Treatment with TriHex Technology®

Awarded a 2019 NewBeauty Award in the innovations category. It’s a topical body treatment that works in tandem with non-surgical body fat reduction and energy-based body skin tightening procedures to complement and optimize results. When applied post-treatment, it helps to accelerate outcomes by supporting the body’s natural repair processes while also supporting the production of elastin and collagen to enhance procedure results. Additionally, it can be used as a stand-alone skin tightening treatment to address lax, crepey skin texture associated with aging.

Since I’ve been getting Thermi Smooth to tighten my “tech neck” and to help remove the Kybella (which I don’t recommend) from my chin, I started using this. Lots of people just focus on their face but a saggy neck is a dead giveaway so don’t forget to use those products on your neck as well.

Skinceuticals CE Ferulic Vitamin C Serum

I use the CE Ferulic which has the highest percentage of pure vitamin C. I use this to help with fine lines, wrinkles, and loss of firmness. It helps correct signs of exisiting damange and prevent signs of future damage as well. It will also brighten and even skin tone. I’m mad I didn’t start using this sooner.

Be Flawless Towelettes

Rx version.

These towelettes are full of antioxidants to help brighten the skin and active ingredients to even pigmentation, smooth wrinkles and diminish fine lines. 8% hydroquinone is our most popular formula. I use these daily.

Hydroquinone is a skin-lightening agent. It bleaches the skin, which can be helpful when treating different forms of hyperpigmentation.

This includes:

  • acne scars
  • age spots
  • freckles
  • melasma
  • post-inflammatory marks from psoriasis and eczema

*As always, you should check with your dermatologist or esthetician before use to see if these are right for you. 

Until next time Bella! I’ll be back and I’ll make sure to keep this post up to date on my favorite treatments! If you have any questions please let me know and I’m happy to answer them.

*I was not paid to write this post. However I was gifted some services. All opinions are my own. I’ve been working hard on improving my aging skin this year.  I want to show you the best and most effective services to help you improve your skin as well because let’s face it, skincare can be expensive, so I’m figuring out what works best so I can accurately provide information. Everything has been personally tested by me to provide accurate results and before and afters. 

A look into my skin transformation journey as well as all my tips and tricks, including all the products I use on my daily skincare routine that should help women in their 30's looking to start taking care of their skin! #Skin #Beauty