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Baby Steps for Meditation Every Beginner Needs To Try

Meditation is an essential step for a rounded life, as well as our mental health. Here are the baby steps for meditation you need to try to get started! #Meditation

Meditation is such a powerful self-love ritual. It’s not only essential for our mental well-being, but it also has some amazing benefits to our physical health.

If you’re currently starting your meditation journey, good for you! It’s such a brave step to take the leap into a journey of more self-awareness. Here then, are the basic baby steps for meditation that will get you started and becoming a pro in no time!

Baby Steps for Meditation

Look for a quiet place: Before anything else, you need to look for a space that is quiet – this is one of the most essential baby steps for meditation. Somewhere you can concentrate, relax, and focus. A place where you wouldn’t be easily disturbed and be distracted. Having a quiet place to meditate will help you focus and will help you achieve your desired result after meditating. You need to listen more to your thoughts than what is happening to your surrounding as you’re about to enter on a different dimension. You can also do meditation outside your lawn if you have so you can breathe fresh air.  


Find your purpose: Ask yourself these basic questions: why do I meditate, how often should I meditate, how much time should I spend for meditation, should I meditate in the morning as soon as I wake up or at night before I sleep, what are my desired results after meditation, and am I willing to do the cycle constantly. These questions guide you to motivate and inspire you to keep going because at the end of the day, it’s worth your time. Meditating will give you a peaceful feeling inside and it will cleanse your mind. 


Take a deep breath: As you do a pattern of inhaling and exhaling, think of inhaling love and exhaling hate. It’s like aspirating the negativities inside you and injecting positivity. Think of happy thoughts while taking a deep breath and allow your mind to collect thoughts that calms you. Relax your body as you listen to the silence around you and as you listen more to the voice inside your head. Savor the fresh air that goes inside your lungs and let each breath clear your body as they exit. 


Set your mind free: Now you’re all set! Clear your thoughts and empty your mind. Slowly breathe and inhale, let the clarity ease your mind. As you exhale, allow your mind to dive deep into your inner thoughts and let yourself feel what you truly feel inside. Explore your thoughts, eliminate the thoughts that bother you, thoughts that are toxic which makes you feel sad, negative thoughts that also don’t contribute to your inner peace. 

 Meditating at the beach

Name 3 things that you are grateful for: Being thankful for a lot of things is a very strong emotion you will feel that will have a huge impact on your whole being. List at least 3 things that you are thankful for at that very moment while you’re one with your thoughts. Think of things that made you who you are and how time turned you into a progressive individual. Celebrate your growth, your success, the challenges you survived from, and how you managed to make it through. Appreciating simple things will boost you into having a better mood and relaxes you. 


Say your mantras: Having mantras is very beneficial. It’s like claiming things to manifest in reality. You only need to think of phrases that you want to happen in your life or even what you want to happen each day. For example, your mantras are, “Today is going to be a great day” “Claiming positive blessings today” “I’m growing and thriving, capable of doing great things” You will notice a different light sparkling inside you after constantly doing this. Be sure to be genuine with your mantras and let your mind freely absorb what you say because your body will adapt what you say and will respond positively. 


Write a journal/diary: Feeling good, bad, happy, or sad? Write them down! Yes, you heard it right. Write them all and share it with your journal the way you share your thoughts and feelings with your best friend. Keeping a track record about your meditation helps you assess the changes you felt after meditating. Did you felt relieved? Did some emotional weight vanish away? Have you felt calmer, relaxed, and at peace? Write any changes or effects that you felt inside and out so you’ll be aware of what level you are in your meditation progress.

 Journaling is an essential part of meditation to increase self-awareness

Repeat the cycle: Now that you have decided the specific time and place that you’ll have your meditation, after realizing the things you are grateful for and knowing there are countless reasons to be grateful for, after establishing the kind of mantras that you want, after writing them down and keeping a journal on every single change you noticed then you repeat the cycle. You can even add more changes depending on your comfortability. You can either put a humidifier with some soothing aromas that you prefer or you can add a few musical backgrounds while you do the meditation. You can always do things at your own pace at your own term and do what satisfies you.  


Do you meditate? What are some other baby steps for meditation that you’d include in the list?