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4 Things to Avoid When Planning a Budget Pool Party

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Pool parties are the epitome of summer fun. Plunging your feet into the cool water after a hot summer day is one of the best feelings summer can offer. Hosting a great pool party can make quite a dent in your bank account between the toys, the food, and the beverages. However, throwing a fun, inexpensive party is certainly a possibility if you shop smart and plan well. Want to throw a pool party on a budget?

Here are a few things to avoid when planning a pool party on a budget.

Skip the Craft Store

While craft stores may have a seemingly limitless supply of party décor, it also tends to cost a little extra. Things like sea shells, themed paper plates, banners, and craft lights are going to be more expensive than some of your other alternatives. Surprisingly, the best place to find inexpensive party décor is your local dollar store. Dollar stores typically provide generic, single color party supplies alongside their more seasonal themes. By purchasing dollar store party décor, you save yourself a significant amount of money.

Pass on Premade Foods

Premade foods can seem like the better option. They save you time and energy that could be going toward party planning. However, purchasing enough premade food to feed all of your guests can end up costing you far more than you need to be spending. Instead researching cheap, easy, summertime meals can be worth your while. Unique salads along with dips for veggies are both healthier and less expensive than spending your money on a $12 bowl of fruit salad.

Don’t Buy Pool Toys at Full Price

Though cheap pool toys can be acquired at full price, they tend to be poorly made and break quickly. While buying budget pool toys save you money in the short term, you might end up spending more over time, because they will need to be replaced more frequently. Instead, shop the sales, purchasing higher-quality items at a lower cost. These toys will last longer without breaking the bank. Although, toys such as pool noodles are always cheap and do not vary in quality. These can be good options for any children attendees.

No Cocktails, BYOB

By asking guests to bring their own beer or alcohol, you save a lot of money on liquor for cocktails. While themed cocktails can be fun, they are also typically expensive to make. You could also offer guests a single cocktail each, fulfilling your duties as a host without breaking the bank. Try using inexpensive alcohols with plenty of delicious mixers.

Pool parties do not need to cost you a fortune. They can be as easy as a quick trip to the dollar store and possibly visiting a farmer’s market. Avoid paying full price for anything and ask your guests to bring their own drinks. If you’re really on a budget, you can even turn your pool party into a potluck: ask guests to bring a snack or dish to share. There are numerous possibilities for those of you who want to enjoy summer to the fullest without breaking the bank.


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