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7 Powerful Blog Post Topics Guaranteed To Grow Your Blog

Wondering what to write about next? A huge part of being a successful blogger is knowing what people want to read, so here are 7 powerful blog post topics to keep in mind for your next blog post! #Blogging

Quality content is the key to have a successful blog. This means you must bring a variety to your content and have the best types of articles that have the potential to drive a huge amount of traffic to your blog.

But, how can you widen the variety of your blog posts? What are these different types of blog post topics that are guaranteed to grow your blog?

If you’re looking for answers for similar questions then let me assure you that you’re at the right place. Here, I am going to share a few types of blog post topics that’ll surely help you to magnify your reach and have diversified content on your blog.

7 Powerful Blog Post Topics Guaranteed To Grow Your Blog


7 power-packed blog post topics to have a successful blog

1. Lists

List posts are a great way to streamline information into a numbered list that makes it easier for your audience to read and share it. The idea here is to provide the best and most relevant information in such a way that people can skim and scan through it rapidly.

· Top 10 Netflix documentaries to watch about the environment
· 7 ways to quiet a racing mind
· 9 game-changing working mom hacks
· 101 ways to become more sustainable every day etc.

7 Powerful Blog Post Topics Guaranteed To Grow Your Blog

2. “How To” articles

This is where you explain your readers, how to do something in a step-by-step process. These types of articles are really popular because people are always looking for solutions to their problems on the internet, and if they see you have the answer, they’ll surely click on the link and read your content.

However, make sure that you know the inside out of what you are explaining because the more you help your audience the more they’ll trust you. Besides this, you can also share tutorial articles and videos to further increase the engagement.

· How to write an e-book – a step-by-step guide
· How to use Google analytics to find the best topics in your niche
· How to upload Pins on Pinterest, etc.

3. Checklists/ To-Do’s and cheatsheets

If people have questions, they want someone to answer it or at least show them the right direction. This is where the checklist comes into the picture, these posts focused on how to do something systematically and ensure that nothing is forgotten.

Checklists can provide a step-by-step breakdown of what your readers should do to accomplish a particular thing. Moreover, they can serve as a quick reference guide when the time is limited.

4. Case study

Case studies are essentially stories about how real customers (or you) overcame their particular problem using a specific product or service. The idea here is to convince the readers to try something by providing real-life examples of its authenticity.

If you want to write a compelling case study, you must keep the below points in mind:
· Be completely honest with your opinions.
· Make it relatable by identifying a compelling angle.
· Use relevant data and statistics to support your claims

5. Interview articles

These are great when you want to develop a piece of highly informative content but don’t have time to do all the research about the topic.
Contact an expert, influencer, customer, or a fellow blogger in your niche, e-mail them a list of questions, and politely ask them to fill it out for your readers. Later, do some editing, add a few things from your side and then, publish it.

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6. Blog series

Sometimes you would have an idea that will be just too big for a single post. So, try to maximize its impact by breaking it into parts.
A series builds anticipation in your readers for the next post. Plus, you get more chances to link your articles internally so this helps in improving your SEO as well.

7. Infographics

Infographics allow people to easily digest complicated information through visual representation. With proper use of data, charts, statistics, colors, proportions, etc. you can transform boring information into memorable graphics.

Infographics are one of the most shared items on the internet. So, besides bringing huge traffic, they’ll also help you in getting more backlinks for your site.

What are some awesome blog post topics you love?

Lastly note that this is not everything, there are still lots of different blog post topics that you can write on your blog according to your niche and preferences.

I hope that this information was helpful. Do share your ideas and views related to the same in the comments, I would love to read and discuss them!